4 Kid-Friendly Destinations For Your Next Holiday

I am a strong supporter, and no matter where I go, my children have dipped their feet in any body of water, from the Pacific Ocean to the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. After trying and testing, here are four kid-friendly destinations, you should consider your next family vacation!

4 Kid-Friendly Destinations For Your Next Holiday


Egypt? What? You must be crazy! No, I just got back from a two-week vacation and felt safe the whole trip. The history of this place is exciting. It's incredible! I highly recommend you spend two weeks in Egypt, and while you're here, visit the Great Pyramid in Cairo. Then, continue your journey to Luxor (it's like an outdoor museum), then take a boat tour along the Nile! Egypt's prices are great to visit -- tourism has been flat since 2011, so now is the perfect time to bring your kids along.


Hawaii, USA
Hawaii is my ultimate destination in winter. Oahu is known as a child-friendly destination and has everything you need for a vacation-relaxing time, plenty of activities and warm weather all year round! For Americans, this just means going to tropical paradise without a passport travel. Whether you like snorkeling, shopping, reading a good book on the beach or surfing lessons, everyone in your family has something for you!


Panama City Beach, Florida, USA
I must include Panama City Beach because this small town has everything you need! The sand here is the softest I have ever touched. The choice of restaurants is suitable for any foodie! Not to mention, there are plenty of activities such as water parks, Gulf World, water sports and miracles for you and your family to enjoy!


Switzerland has many outdoor activities suitable for children, such as making chocolate and designing your own watches. Switzerland’s amazing transportation methods also make it an exciting experience to travel across the country by train! With their professional gear training, you can reach the top of Rigi Kuln quickly! If you like hiking in summer or in winter Skiing, consider going to Switzerland for your next family vacation!

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