6 Things Should Never Put in Your Checked Luggage in 2021

Traveling can be fun, but if your luggage is lost, it can be painful. Here are six things you should never put in your checked luggage. Always keep them with you. You can put them in you carry on backpack or best travel backpack.

6 Things Should Never Put in Your Checked Luggage in 2021

1. Electronic products
Do not put any valuable items in your checked luggage, such as mobile phones, laptops, cameras, lithium batteries, etc. If you will be sad to lose it, do not check it. Put it in a backpack or purse and put it on the plane.

2. Prescription drugs
Prescription drugs should be kept in the original container. It must be noted that prescriptions are one of the most important things that airlines require you to take out of your carry-on luggage. There are good reasons for this. First, in the cargo hold, these medicines may become too hot, too cold, or lost in transit. The second is that many people travel with prescriptions that must be taken every day.

There is a profound lesson learned by a traveller. "I was not paying attention few years back. I put my blood pressure medication in my checked bag for a flight to Toronto. Air Canada went on strike, it took 5 days before I got my checked bag. I will never make that mistake again ."

So make sure you have put the medicine you need in your carry on backpack before traveling.

3. Travel documents
Some passports, air tickets, and hotel booking tickets need to be put on the carry-on luggage. Because these things need to be quickly taken out and checked. I have to say that this is a very important item, do not leave them behind your head.

6 Things Should Never Put in Your Checked Luggage in 2021

4. Valuables
Please always carry valuables such as jewelry and money with you.

A traveler also has a deep feeling. "My wife and I are going to Ireland to celebrate our tenth anniversary. Flying American Airlines domestic and this switching to our international carrier. But American Airlines lost all of our luggage somewhere near Chicago. Because they lost it on a domestic and we didn’t have time to wait for it to catch up with them. They said we would have to do without it. We flew into Dublin and bought all new stuff for the trip but I had the jewelry with me so I could still give it to her on our actual anniversary!"

5. Car key and house key
When you get home, you will need to drive into the car and enter the house, so make sure to carry it.

6. Baby products
Diapers, infant formula, wet wipes and any other necessities should be thrown in a diaper bag so you can last at least 24 to 48 hours. Because the airport does not always have baby products in the store. If your flight is cancelled, the store may close.

6 Things Should Never Put in Your Checked Luggage in 2021

Milk powder and pacifiers are very specific to each child. Airlines will not always have to return your luggage to you due to flight delays or cancellations, and you must stay overnight in the hotel. If you pack smartly, you won't be troubled to sleep.

In addition, please be sure to bring extra clothes, toothbrush or toothpaste and some snacks in your carry-on luggage. Girls can bring some menstrual hygiene products. If you have the opportunity, you may need them. The journey may slow down with the cycle.

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