Bags Size Determination Basis

Here we would like tell you something about bags dize determination basis, you may get to know how to design the right size of bags, such as travel laptop backpack.

After completing the design of the case and bag products, it enters the stage of structural design. Firstly, it makes structural drawings of components according to the principle of structural design. Then, it adds the amount of joints according to the technical requirements, and then enters the stage of plate making.

Bags Size Determination Basis

When drawing the structure, the dimensions of the products are determined first.Inclusions size change is very large, as the inclusion USES different can be made into a range of products, large and small bags generally belong to plane geometry form, also has a - some belong to the three-dimensional geometric surface, so it has volume and other products, there are three basic dimensions, namely, length, width and height, calculating unit in mm, measurement, should press its under the condition of the normal serving items can free the state of the switch for the standard.

The length of the inclusion refers to the maximum size of the front sector in the horizontal direction. Especially for those irregular inclusions, the maximum size of the front sector in the horizontal direction may not be in the bottom or upper part of the inclusion, but in a part in the middle of the inclusion.The height of the inclusion refers to the maximum size of the front sector in the vertical direction. In general, the height size is basically caused on the front and side projections.The width of the inclusion body refers to the maximum size of the side of the inclusion body in the horizontal direction. When the upper and lower dimensions of the side of the inclusion body are different, it shall be calculated as the maximum numerical value, but it shall be indicated separately on the projection diagram.

Bags Size Determination Basis

In practice, most subcontractors use the following basic size data: length 150~ 800mm, height 80-500mm, width within 300mm.There are a lot of combinations in this range, and different combinations of length, width and height have a very different external display style, such as smart travel bag, briefcase, backpack, handbag, etc.For some special shape inclusions, special instructions should be given. For example, when designing trapezoidal bags, the lengths and widths of upper and lower inclusions should all be designed. In addition, the dimensions of components of inclusions should also be marked in detail.

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