Can You Store Jewelry in Plastic Bags?

Jewelry has certain emotional value to its owner. It deserves to be treated with care to ensure that they last a long time. It is important to properly clean and store your jewelry to prevent it from being lost or damaged over time. Some people may put the jewelry in travel cosmetic bags or plastic bags. But is it safe to store jewelry in plastic?

Can You Store Jewelry in Plastic Bags?

The best way to store jewelry is to consider the materials used in its construction, the value of the jewelry, and the type of jewelry you want to store. However, it is important to ensure that your jewelry is clean and dry before storage, as moisture and exposure to other chemicals can cause them to change color or degrade faster.

Some people are used to storing jewelry in plastic bags. But some plastics emit steam, which can cause pits and discoloration of the metal, and corrode the surface of pearls and certain other gemstones. If you are sure that the material structure of the jewelry is stronger than the plastic bag, you can continue to store the jewelry in the plastic bag. In addition, if you don't have a better place to store your belongings, you can store your jewelry in a plastic bag for a short time, such as when you are traveling. You can put the plastic bag in your travel laptop backpack.

However, it is strongly not recommended to store the jewelry permanently in a plastic bag. If you have no choice but to store it in a plastic bag, make sure to squeeze out all the air in it to prevent discoloration of the jewelry. You can also choose to put some silica packets in a plastic bag to absorb excess water.

Finally, you can store your jewelry in separate containers or compartments and don't mix them together. Because harder gems will scratch softer gems, almost all gems will scratch gold or silver. Pearls and beads should be stored flat to prevent the thread from sticking out.

Don't put several necklaces together, because this can easily cause the necklace to knot. The Matein travel jewelry organizer can hold some of your necklaces, earrings, rings, etc. very well. This pink jewelry handbag is made of waterproof PU leather and soft suede lining. Its golden zipper is durable and can ensure long-term use.

Can You Store Jewelry in Plastic Bags?
Jewelry has a special purpose for everyone. Knowing how to store jewelry correctly is essential to prolong its life.
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