Hard Shell or Soft Shell luggage? Which one best for you?

There are a lot of considerations when buying luggage. Choosing hard or soft luggage may be one of the first things you should decide. This used to be an issue of protection and weight, but the production of hard and soft leather suitcases has made huge technological advances, which means that today’s decision is not so easy.

Hard-shell suitcase, hard-shell carry-on luggage
If you want to fully protect your property and worry about it, the hard-shell suitcase is still the best choice. However, it is well known that some hard leather suitcases may suffer from scratches. Super strong 100% pure polycarbonate is selected, and pressure is applied through rollers during the production process to produce a highly scratch-resistant surface, thereby improving the biggest shortcoming of hard-shell luggage. If you are a frequent traveler and like to check in at the same time and have an organized and safe property, this is your choice.

Hard Shell or Soft Shell luggage Which one best for you

Soft-shell suitcase
Want to be beautiful and safe? This is your choice: "The durable nylon we use in soft-sided suitcases is more resistant to travel and wear than hard-sided, so they look newer and have a longer life." Soft-shell suitcases are also very durable, thanks to With its super strong internal frame, it has extremely high resistance to weight and pressure. Nylon itself is stronger and more resistant to tearing than the soft surface of the past. Another advantage of the soft-shell luggage is its flexibility. The soft material makes it easier to add the front pocket. This is especially useful for taking it with you wherever you go, you may want to keep small items handy.

Hard Shell or Soft Shell luggage Which one best for you

Hard shell carry on backpack
Hard shell backpack is the most suitable combination for many short-distance business travelers. A business trip for a day or two? No one needs to bring large suitcases, so many people prefer wheeled suitcases and suitcases for clothes, shoes and toiletries, as well as backpacks for laptops and personal belongings. The disadvantage of this is that not all airlines allow it. Some airlines are very strict about bringing only one piece of hand luggage. Due to lack of space, other airlines may stop you at the boarding gate and request that your carry-on suitcase be put on hold. In this case, the hard case is really convenient to carry around – you just need to use our built-in TSA-approved lock to lock it and hand it to the airport staff safely, because you know that anything inside is inside It is safe during the journey.

Luggage / Suitcase strap & TSA Designed

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