How to Avoid Common Packing Mistakes?

Many people worry about how to pack their things and put them in a large travel backpack or suitcase when traveling. You may also have encountered this kind of trouble—the mobile phone charging cable is left at home, or the luggage is overweight when you arrive at the airport. Packaging errors can affect your overall travel experience.

How can we avoid these troubles? Here are some tips to help you pack your luggage correctly and avoid delays in your route to your destination.

How to Avoid Common Packing Mistakes?

1. Make a luggage list
Why is it said that the first step in packing is to make a luggage list? There are two reasons. First, you need to know what exactly you want to bring? Making a luggage list allows you to more easily modify the type and quantity of luggage. Secondly, some luggage such as toiletries may not be put in the suitcase until the day of travel. If there is no luggage list, things are easy to be forgotten. When you are ready to go out, you can take inventory according to the list.

2. Pack electronic product
Electronic products are essential for traveling. Most people travel personally or in groups. The main electronic products they bring are mobile phones, as well as tablets, chargers, power banks, and USB cable. A power bank is necessary to ensure that the phone has sufficient battery power to facilitate contact with family and friends. You can consider buying an electronic organizer to store these things, which is very convenient to find.

3. Always check the weather
Don't leave without checking the destination's weather. This will enable you to plan what need to pack. If the weather is cold, you can bring a coat to avoid the cold! An easy way to avoid this is to check the weather with an app on your phone, or ask someone you know lives in or near the final destination.

How to Avoid Common Packing Mistakes?4. Understand the TSA guidelines for carrying liquids
w updated TSA Guidelines and at the time of writing when traveling with liquids or gels in containers over 100mL/100g (3.4oz) in your carry-on luggage airport security will confiscate them at the checkpoint. This is a common mistake. I often forget the limit of container and add many things in my carry on backpack or personal items. It is a good idea to buy travel containers and transfer the liquids and gels you use frequently.

5. Know the baggage weight requirements of the airport
If you go to the airport and find that your luggage is overweight, it is difficult for you to decide which luggage you can discard. So it's best to weigh your luggage before leaving home. At the same time, additional luggage charges can be reduced.

6. Baggage classification
Most suitcases have net pockets on both sides, but some suitcases have net pockets on one side and two retractable straps on the other side. In this case, you'd better put scattered things, such as toiletries, umbrellas, cosmetic bags, charging cables, etc., on the side of the net bag, and clothes and other large items that are not easily scattered on the side of the retractable belt.

At the same time, it is recommended that you separate underwear, tops, bottoms and easy to wrinkle. At the same time, if you travel frequently or travel, you can buy travel luggage storage bags or travel clothing compression bags. Travel luggage storage bags can help you put your clothes in different categories so that you can get them easily. The clothing compression bag can greatly reduce the volume of clothing, and the storage space of the suitcase can be much larger.
How to Avoid Common Packing Mistakes?

When preparing to travel for the first time, you always want everything to be perfect. You don’t have to overpackaging, just put your luggage neatly, and you can simply take out your own things when you need it.

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