How to Carry a Clutch?

Clutch is the bag that is held by hand. Generally, it has a wrist strap, so it can also be hung on the wrist. Some people think that is it the clutch very inconvenient? Is it easy to lose? In fact, this depends on personal habits, and the clutch bag with wrist strap is actually very convenient to hold and looks very fashionable.

The clutch is a small part of the women handbags family because the you can hold it with his hands. In some cases, the clutch may include a detachable strap, usually made of a chain, which can be carried as a shoulder bag if you are tired of holding it with your hands.

When we travel, especially when going to formal occasions, we don't want to bring a large black tote bag, because the size may be troublesome and may not seem good enough. Therefore, the design of the clutch bag enables women to remain fashionable while carrying the most necessary items.

So how do you hold the clutch? In fact, there are various ways to hold the clutch. Here are some of the most common and formal methods we found:

1. Hold it with one hand from below
The four fingers except the thumb hold the clutch as if holding a book. This way of holding clutch is more comfortable, and it helps to open the clutch frequently. This method is the first choice for office workers.

How to Carry a Clutch?

2. Hold it with one hand from top
Use the power of your thumb and index finger to grasp the top corner of the clutch. If there is a belt on the clutch, you can loosely wrap the belt around your wrist by grasping the top or bottom of the clutch with one hand.

3. Hold with both hands
Hold the clutch with the fingers of both hands except the thumb. You can hold it in front of your body. First of all, this posture of holding a clutch is very correct, and this posture is more common in some cocktail parties and banquets.

4. Clamp clutch with your arm
The arm is bent at 90 degrees and is sandwiched between the elbows, and the palm of the other hand holds the corner of the clutch. Some oversize clutch can be held in your arm too.

How to Carry a Clutch?

Generally speaking, clutches can be used by everyone, and there is nothing to say that they are suitable for anyone to use. But of course, there are still different applicable people for different styles of clutches.

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