How to Choose a Waist Bag?

Waist Bag are all the rage now, and there are many ways to carry them.The main reason is that the size of the waist pack is easy to carry, become an essential things for travelers as smart travel bag. Many businesses are also starting to sell wallets. So how do you choose your waist pack?

How to Choose a Waist Bag

The design of your waist bag is very important. Simple and classic design, famous brand logo and so on. Many customers may decide to buy buy it  at first glance.


Mobile phone can be placed in the front pocket, wallet, key and card holder can be placed in some pockets in the main pocket, credit card can be placed in the front two pockets of the bag, small zipper window on the back, valuables can be placed next to each other for safety. The waist belt has anti-fall buckle or contraction fixed buckle, which can adjust the length of the shoulder belt and the size of the shoulder belt and the belt, easily adjust the length of the shoulder belt. This kind of travel toiletry bag will be friendly during the trip.

Feature of waist pack
Waist bag completely according to the human body engineering design, bearing system is made of high quality raw materials of environmental protection, use checkered nylon fabrics, soft fabrics, and the gorgeous colour highlights the outdoors leisure style, exclusive classic printing and writing to add color, reflect good quality PVC material, on the back of the thickening pearl cotton and comfortable, and can increase the stability, good protection package items.

How to Choose a Waist Bag?

Thanking about material

A good running pockets must have a characteristic is light, running is a man of practice, pockets as a running mate it's mission is to help you carry the necessary items, additional features in the night run have reflective effect, increase the safety factor of the night running, so what material conform to the pockets of this characteristic, the following list for you several kinds of material of fabric: polyester fabrics, nylon fabric, cordura fabric, such as coolmax fabrics, the fabrics than Oxford cloth, canvas, diving material is lighter, thinner, pick up this wallet is your weight is light, good for your running quality.

How to Choose a Waist Bag

Pay attention to details

Different factory purse is uneven, some like to design with a few not line is bad, how to check a running purse craftsmanship is concerns every one of the runner, the following: were discussed from several car line, jujube, package edge, maybe you don't see the factory use what line, may be cotton, polyester thread, nylon line, but you can see from the stitch is good sewing technology, based on a centimeter 4 needles, car suture can control below the value of the work are not, in addition to play jujube is one of the largest point purse tolerance, if play dates solid beautiful relatively you pick the right.

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