How to organize your backpack for travel?

Do you have to consider how to organize your best travel backpack before you travel? Here are some of my own experiences for your reference:

As a minimalist, naturally take less when you travel. I used to pack a whole trolley suitcase every time when I traveled. As a result, when I arrived at the destination, I found that a lot of things were never taken out. It was really unnecessary. Now I insist on taking only one backpack for my trip within a week. The advantage of bringing less things is that I obviously feel much easier, because of only bringing the most basic cosmetics, I go out a lot faster in the morning. Then have more time to experience and feel the scenery. After all, the burden on the body is reduced, so that the mind can truly relax.

Now I travel at least once a month. Packing is only a ten-minute business. I really feel very good,as I won’t be flustered as before when go to an airport .

Matein travel backpack

Matein best travel backpack

The above is an American girl who has packed such a little luggage during a three-week trip. 

Now I will officially share with you my packaging logic and method:

1.If I’ll spend most of time on hiking, focusing on scenery, basically don’t need to go out to take portraits, I choose alarge carry on bags, and everything is packed in the backpack.

Matein best travel backpack

2.if you are going out with your boyfriend or will take pictures, then in this case I will choose a diagonal small bag (important property, documents) + one travel backpack.

The backpack depends on the situation. The most recent mainstay is the Matein 1195 backpack. Although it is a very street backpack in Europe, it is really suitable for walking in the city. Even if you carry all your belongings, it will not look too much like a tourist.

Matein super backpack

In addition, I will pack my luggage according to the weather of the destination

For example,when you go to Northern Europe and go to a sunny beach, the luggage you bring will vary greatly. Therefore, it is very important to be optimistic about the weather in the destination.

Taking a one-week trip in winter as an example, I would bring three sweaters of different thicknesses, a thicker jacket, and a pair of jeans. When you travel, try to bring basic clothes (unless you want to shoot a blockbuster), and the items can be matched with each other, so that you can effectively reduce the number of clothes you need to bring.

Matein travel backpackMatein travel backpack

I’ll select out the clothes which will be packed in the backpack, and finally wear the thickest clothes, scarves,hats and boots on my body, so that the luggage is lighter.

The heaviest part of girl’s luggage is probably the skin care cosmetics, a travel wash bag can do it finally.

Matein travel wash bag

Last essentials are personal items: wallets, documents, mobile phones, chargers, etc.

One large travel backpack carry on the world !

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