How to Pack for Backpacking (4 easy steps)

To complete these steps, we divide the hiking backpack into four parts-bottom, middle, top and outer pockets.

How to Pack for Backpacking (4 easy steps)
1. Bottom
Load the lighter and heavier items at the bottom of the backpack that you don’t need during hiking.
This includes your sleeping bag, sleeping mat, and extra clothing, such as pajamas, or a thick jacket that you don’t need before camping.

Step 2: Middle
The middle of your big backpacks is where most things should be put.
You want to put heavier things in the middle of your backpack, close to your back!
This is the most important thing when packaging.
Start with your cistern and place it close to your back. Most backpacks have a slot to hold your reservoir, so use it!
Then, put other heavier items in the middle part. This includes your tent, cooking utensils, stove, fuel and food.
After you add these bulky items, use extra clothing to pad them around so that they won't move during your hike.
For me, this usually includes clothes to wear while sleeping, extra socks and a piece of wool. I use these soft things to pad around my kitchen utensils, tents and food so that there is no place to move things.
When you are hiking, you really don't want the things in your backpack to move, because this will make you lose your balance.

How to Pack for Backpacking (4 easy steps)

Step 3: Top
By now, most of your stuff should be packed.
The top of your backpack can be used to hold things you may need to use during hiking, but there should not be any large and heavy items in this part.
The top can be used to place mobile phones, GPS, maps, a layer to prevent the weather from getting cold, and your rain gear.
If an unexpected storm strikes, you don't want to open your entire backpack to find your rain gear.

Step 4: Outer pocket
The last part of the backpack is the outer pocket.
I use these outer bags to hold the things I need on the road.
This includes bathroom supplies, sunglasses, sun protection factor, sun protection lipstick, my water filter (because the one I use is small), and snacks for hiking.
Snacks are easy to buy, so you don’t need to take out a whole package of snacks to buy a granola bar.

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