How to pack light in travelling?

Extra baggage can complicate the trip. Maybe you want to keep your smart backpack light so you can travel around Europe for two weeks. Perhaps you need to make sure your luggage is compact so that you can carry it with you.In order to package effectively, you need to think carefully about each item you package: do you really need it; If not, can you find it where you want to go? Carry only what you absolutely need, consider enjoying some comfort and luxury, and then pack everything as compact as possible into your bag.

How to pack light in travelling

1. Pack as much as you can. If you're backpacking between hotels for two weeks, you don't want to pack more than you can comfortably carry. Weigh and pack before you leave - You can use a luggage scale or weigh yourself with your luggage.If you weigh more than 20 or 30 pounds, consider what you can give up.Carry your backpack with you and make sure it's comfortable.

2. Only carry on luggage. If you can confine yourself to one carry-on bag instead of checking any baggage, you can save a lot of time and trouble.It may sound daunting -- but seasoned travelers swear that a small bag can easily provide enough space to store travel essentials, and you just need to cut down on all the non-essentials.

  • Limiting yourself to carry on backpack makes travel easier - you'll get in and out of the airport faster and enjoy the direct control of all travel essentials throughout the flight.You can also avoid the risk of charging for overweight check-in bags, especially for smaller local carriers.
  • Once you arrive at your destination, packing a small bag also has its advantages.As you move from one place to another, you become more flexible, making it easier to take advantage of any opportunity or adventure you encounter.For pickpockets and cheats, you will also find it difficult.
  • Keep in mind that many airlines impose weight limits on carry-on baggage - usually 20 to 30 pounds.Before attempting a flight, please visit your airline's website and find carry-on baggage allowance.If you are flying with more than one airline, be sure to check all airline requirements.


3. Pack as many outfits as you think you need, then subtract one. It's easy to pack more clothes than you will end up wearing, so pack fewer outfits than you think you'll need. Think about how many days you'll be away, and which activities you plan on doing while you're there. Consider what the weather will be like. If the weather has consistently been at 90 degrees for the last month, odds are you won't need more than one sweater.

How to pack light in travelling

4. Pack the clothes you think you need and subtract one. It's easy to pack more clothes than you'll end up wearing, so pack less than you need.Think about how many days you will be away and what activities you plan to do while you are there.Think about the weather.If the weather stayed around 90 degrees last month, you probably didn't need more than one sweater.

  • You may end up wearing something more than once, so consider mixing and matching clothes.For example: For each pair of shorts, pack two or more matching shirts because you don't have to change your shorts every day.
  • Organize clothes that suit your situation.Man: Try packing versatile pants and a lightweight button-up shirt that can be worn at night or during the day when traveling.For women: Try wrapping a simple piece of clothing, feel free to wear flat sandals and a sunshade throughout the day, or high heels, a belt and some jewelry at night.
  • Find out if there is a laundromat near your home - if there is a laundromat nearby, you will be able to wash your clothes, increasing the number of times you wear them!
  • Remember, if you need to buy a few cheap T-shirts or a rainproof coat while you're away, it's not the end of the world - and you won't need one.When packing light, always pack in the best case, not the worst case.


5. Avoid bringing more than two pairs of shoes. Shoes are the heaviest and most bulky items you'll need to carry with you when you travel, so keep yourself to a minimum.For someone who likes to have the perfect shoes in every situation, this can be a tough choice, but think about what you really need.

  • If you are going on a sporty holiday, you hardly need a pair of dress shoes. Lightweight flats or trainers will take you through any occasion that requires formal attire (restaurants, bars, museums, etc.).
  • If you are traveling, prepare appropriate shoes for each meeting and wear comfortable casual shoes during the trip or during breaks.
  • Do not pack your running shoes unless you are absolutely sure you want to exercise on your way out.If you're planning a relaxing and indulgent vacation at a sunny destination, would you really get up 5 miles (8.0km) every day at 7am?Unless the answer is yes, your running shoes will take up valuable space.


6. Leave all the things you can buy at home. Do you know if they have a supermarket in Europe?And pharmacy?And fashionable clothing stores?As mentioned earlier, unless you are traveling very far away, it is impossible to find many items wherever you go.So unless you're particularly fussy about the type of conditioner or shaving gel you need to use, leave these items at home and pick them up when you arrive.

  • Random purchases may seem like an unnecessary expense, but it will help you lose a lot of weight and free up some extra space.It's all about priorities!
  • Keep in mind that many of the big brands are universal - you should be able to find Gillette shaving cream, Colgate toothpaste and Pantene conditioner wherever you are - or at least something similar.You can also view this trip as an opportunity to try something new.
  • If the worst comes to the worst and you can't find a particular product, ask yourself how locals can live without it.Do they have any other options?Or is it just unnecessary comfort?Traveling light may require some sacrifice!Think of it as an adventure.
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