How to place the laptop correctly?

Most of people have laptops in best business laptop backpack nowadays. We usually take our laptops when we go out or when we are out. The laptop is a very fragile thing. If we use it improperly or use it incorrectly for a long time, it will seriously shorten the life of the laptop. Therefore, I would like to share with you how to properly place our laptop when in use and not in use.

Placement during use

1. When using a notebook, the first thing to pay attention to is the problem of heat dissipation. Do not place the laptop on soft things, such as our bed or quilt, as this will cause the fan of laptop couldn't work properly. The laptop radiator can not be blocked.

How to place the laptop correctly?

2. The position of the laptop cann't have dust. When the laptop is running, it will generate a lot of heat, which is all discharged through the radiated fan. If we place the laptop where there is a lot of dust, it will enter the computer when the fan is working. This can affect the normal operation of the radiated fan.

3. The fuselage should be placed flat and should not be placed on uneven positions for a long time. Most of our laptops are made of plastic, so they will be deformed during long-term placement, so be careful not to place them randomly during normal use.

How to place the laptop correctly?

Placement during not use

1. When not in use, do not place other stuffs on the laptop. Many friends have the habit of putting the mouse and keyboard or other things directly on the cover of the laptop after use. This is not right, and it is easy to cause damage to the laptop screen, including the ones we usually bring out. Sometimes I don’t put my laptop and other things in one backpack unless there is a laptop sleeve.

2.Put the laptop in the laptop bag as much as possible, with the hinge opening facing down. This way, the laptop will not be squeezed by external force and the body will not be deformed due to uneven placement. Of course, although the laptop bag has a lot of small spaces for us, try not to put our adapters and mice in one spaces.

3. If you put the laptop in a work or school laptop backpack, you need to be careful not to put the laptop radiated fan outlet upwards. When we go out, the laptop will be vibrated when we are walking. If the radiated fan is up, the dust that enters the fan will enter the inside of the laptop, so please place the fan port down.

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