How to plan a successful road trip with your cat?

You have to take your kitten and go to the wild over there. Your cat will appreciate not being separated from you when you are away, especially when you consider her needs when planning your trip. In order for your baby cat to enjoy her time during the trip, start preparing a few weeks before your departure, consult your veterinarian, and give your cat advice, medications and other things you may need during the trip.

How to plan a successful road trip with your cat

Taking cats on the road

You already know that cats are as different as people. Some are good travelers, and some are not so good. In order to understand your cat’s reaction during a long journey, take him four to five short trips of about an hour’s drive two or three weeks before you plan to leave. So she can get used to the car. If your cat feels anxious or motion sickness, ask the vet to give you something to relieve symptoms. If your wife does not have microchips, ask him to implant microchips for her; if you are traveling to certain states, ask him to provide a veterinary inspection certificate.

Travel distances with a cat

If the cat does not get motion sickness and looks happy and healthy, you can take it on a road trip for two days or more. Book a pet-friendly motel or hotel overnight. When you arrive, check the room for dangers such as insects or rodents, and whether there is a hole large enough for the cat to sneak in. For a six-hour trip, your cat should be able to stay in her carrier all the time. When traveling long distances, regularly let her go out for exercise, drink water and use garbage trays.

What you'll need for a road trip with your cat

Prepare a checklist of everything your cat needs to be happy, healthy, and safe during the journey. Here are some suggestions:

Cat carrier: If you and your cat are hanging out in the car while you are driving, then you and the cat are not safe.

Old towels or disposable liners: If you want to keep your cat clean in the cat cage, and want to keep your car clean, change the bedding when it gets dirty.

Two sets of harnesses: When traveling long distances, put on a harness for your cat to ensure its safety during movement, and bring a spare to prevent loss.

Water: When you exercise your kitten, give it water too. Take the water that cats often drink at home, because cats are very picky about water.

Cat litter box and cat litter: Another reason you need to stop and rest is that your cat can be convenient. If she does not want to use the trash box, you can bring some plastic bags to dispose of the trash.

Food: If you are going to travel for more than 6 hours, bring normal food to your cat. She will like some familiar foods. Toys: Cat toys are a kind of comfort, which can be played when she is bored.

Cat Carrier

For her safety and for your peace of mind, you should put your cat in the cat cage when you drive. If she can stretch, turn around and stand in her current carrier, it is the best one for your trip. If not, buy a larger vehicle, but not so big that you can't even fasten your seat belt. In the event of an accident, your cat is safest if she is on a leash.

How to plan a successful road trip with your cat

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