How to Wash Laptop Backpack by Hand Washing?

Your smart backpack can get dirty and smelly after you've been carrying it around for a while.

You may ask the following questions: "How do I clean my laptop backpack?"

"Do you want to wash your bags?"

The best way to wash your laptop bag is by hand. Place your laptop backpack in a basin or bathtub that is already full of warm water. To wash clothes by adding some neutral detergent, gently wipe the bag with a sponge or soft brush on the dirt or stain.

So let's do it!

How to Wash Laptop Backpack by Hand Washing

Before you start hand-washing your backpack, you need to do the following:

  • Laundry detergent powder (or any mild detergent) used for washing clothes
  • Sponges, dry clothes and used toothbrushes
  • Containers such as basins or bathtubs
  • A dry towel

Once you're ready, you'll step through how to manually clean your laptop backpack.

Step 1: First empty all the items in the backpack

Open the zipper, empty all items in the backpack, and remove all detachable parts. I suggest you use a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean the inside thoroughly.

Step 2: Clean the area with visible dirt

Before cleaning the entire backpack, you need to check whether there is dirt in the duffel bag. The washing machine may not be able to thoroughly clean stubborn dirt areas, so it is best to wash your hands. You need to moisten these areas with warm water and then use a neutral detergent, wipe them with a toothbrush or sponge to remove external dirt. Since most laptop backpacks are made of nylon and polyester, please wash them carefully. Excessive force when washing hands may damage the surface materials and coatings of the internal components of the package.

Step 3: Rinse the entire laptop backpack with warm water

Fill a basin with water until it covers the entire backpack. It is recommended that you pour warm water instead of cold water, as this can effectively remove stubborn stains. In hot water, because this will damage the color of the fabric: add a small amount of neutral detergent to the basin, and then immerse the entire large laptop backpack in water, but do not submerge it for too long.

How to Wash Laptop Backpack by Hand Washing

Dab the bag with a sponge, and then focus on the belt area and the back, which are the places where you get the most sweat. Look for any stains and spots that may have been missed in the previous decontamination step.

You can wash your backpack with a cloth, but I think sponges are particularly suitable for mesh areas. Use a toothbrush to clean hard-to-reach areas. In addition, you can also concentrate on using the toothbrush and the zipper of the backpack, and even the embroidery area.

Step 4: Rinse, rinse and repeat

After rinsing the laptop backpack, thoroughly drain the drain pan to remove all dirt and soapy water, and then pour clean water into the basin for the rinsing process. Fix with water. Squeeze gently, rinse and repeat this step several times until there are no bubbles or dirt. I don't recommend twisting or wringing out the backpack to avoid deformation in the future.

Step 5: Dry

Finally, unzip the laptop backpack and hang it upside down on the laundry rack to allow the water to dry naturally. Ensure that the dry area is cool and well ventilated. Do not dry the backpack in direct sunlight, because ultraviolet rays can damage the fabric. Usually depending on the weather in your area, it may take several days for the backpack to dry completely. If your laptop backpack is made of synthetic fibers, it will usually dry faster.

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