The Application of Popular Color for Bags

The application of popular colors in the design of cases and bags is flexible, so the appropriateness of area ratio should be paid attention to when using, and the main color should be grasped well. When matching colors, the primary color of large area should be the starting color or the climax color. When designing cases and bags ( for example: business travel backpack ) with design and color fabrics, the background color or main flower of fabrics should be the fashionable color.

The Application of Popular Color for Bags

The color outside popular color is applied generally with a few embellish color form to appear, and usually form complementary relation with popular color.In addition, colorless and various grays are often used as auxiliary colors in the color design of suitcases and bags.

The Application of Popular Color for Bags
Popular colors in bag design are mainly applied in the following ways:

The use of a single color: Satisfactory results can be obtained by selecting any single color for the design of bags, such as our red laptop backpack.

A combination of colors: 

Because all colors have the same color elements, easy to achieve a harmonious color effect, the design should pay attention to increase the lightness and purity of the level of change, so that the color of the bag more vivid and pleasing to the eye.

The use of two colors combination: In the popular color group, take two of the color combination, by changing the lightness relationship of each color, make the color matching effect rich and colorful.

The use for hybrid of popular color: This color scheme is often used in case material design.The method is to choose more than two popular colors and combine them in the form of very small color points or color lines to form a new visual color sense.Also can choose two kinds of color beyond popular color card, through space collocation, form a certain visual color sense inside popular color spectrum.

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