The complete guide for family travel

Planning a family trip has never been so complicated. For a year, we have been dealing with travel restrictions related to the coronavirus, and there are still many challenges. But as more and more Americans are now fully vaccinated and travel restrictions are rolled back, many young people who are ready to come back carefully looking for a changed landscape for a family are restless, tired of being kept at home, or finally seeing Where family members live.

As we gradually move away from planes and trains, self-driving travel has become the main form of travel in 2021, and this trend shows no signs of abating. (The station wagon has also begun to become a way of attracting tourists.) With the warming of the weather, the long summer vacation is approaching, and now feels like a good time to explore the national park (maybe those you have always wanted to go but never have time to go local). For those based on the West Coast, there is nothing better than a vacation in Monterey along the Pacific Coast Highway. At the same time, if you want to go to Mexico or the Caribbean, all-inclusive resorts and family-friendly hotels can help you relax the stress of planning.

But before going on the road, there are still many questions to ask, such as safety, comfort, and getting family members who live in different places together, especially when several generations are traveling together. In order to ensure the safety of family gatherings (no dramatic events), the key steps that need to be considered before planning a group outing and the questions to ask everyone traveling with you, we asked experts to weigh them. Of course, there are also options to completely tear up the holiday travel schedule. With the pandemic disrupting many of our plans and remote work adding new flexibility, now may be the best time to consider what a less traditional travel plan might look like in the long run.

Finally, even if you are near your home, get some inspiration from your parents, who are creative in entertaining children. Whether it's travel inspiration books or turning your Airbnb into a temporary movie theater, no matter what your summer travel plans are, we have many ways to capture the essence and fun of travel.

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