The Difference Between Waterproof Backpack and Ordinary Backpack

There are often sudden rainstorms in summer weather. When walking outside, the most fearful thing is the storm that comes. It doesn't matter if a person gets wet. If important documents and electrical appliances get wet, the loss is not that small. Therefore, it is even more important to have a waterproof anti theft travel backpack, so how is a waterproof backpack waterproof! What is the difference between a waterproof backpack and an ordinary backpack?

1. The difference in fabric

The biggest difference between a waterproof backpack and an ordinary backpack is the choice of materials. Ordinary materials are wet when exposed to water, and some of the materials have the function of water repellency. Both the inner lining of the material is coated to block the entry of rainwater. But it's useless in heavy rain. Moreover, the coated material has a certain period of use, and the waterproof function will decline after a long time. And most of the materials used in waterproof backpacks are not breathable or breathable and waterproof, and their coating will be thicker. There will even be a film on the other side, which is more waterproof.

The Difference Between Waterproof Backpack and Ordinary Backpack

2. The difference in production process

The manufacturing process of waterproof backpacks is more complicated than ordinary backpacks. Many fully waterproof backpacks need to be molded. The most common one is a hard shell backpack. These are all mold-opening processes. The ordinary big backpack basically only needs to use the traditional sewing process.

3. Differences in accessories

Whether it is a waterproof backpack or an ordinary backpack, the opening method is a zipper opening. This involves the choice of zipper accessories. The zipper choice of ordinary backpacks is also ordinary zipper, which is not waterproof and airtight. The choice of waterproof backpack is waterproof zipper, the water can not penetrate into backpack, which can protect the contents of the bag more effectively. Matein have many backpacks are waterproof. You can choose one backpack for youself.

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