Tips for flying with your kids

Are you planning travel with your child? You can take a large travel backpack and wheeled luggage. Flying with children is not necessarily difficult. Here are some tips for flying with kids, I believe you can learn from this blog.

In fact, we find that flying with kids is the easy part of travel. For example, driving with a child may be more stressful. Since you don’t have to drive the entire journey and keep your vision constant or stay alert. At this point, you can focus on taking care of your children and making them happy.

Tips for flying with your kids

1. Choose a direct flight
The preparation for a smooth flight with your child starts with booking the flight. Direct flight means that you and your child have a good chance of falling asleep. You and your children don't have to go through the nightmare of stopovers, plane delays, lost luggage, multiple takeoffs and landings.

2. Reserve a suitable seat in advance
If you are traveling with children, it may mean choosing an aisle seat so that you can easily walk the aisle with your fidgeting child. Or, it is better to choose a window seat so that your child can be restrained. Your children can look out the window which will distract them.

Tips for flying with your kids

3. Make your child feel tired before flying
If you want your children to be quiet on the plane, please make them feel tired. Give them a chance to have fun before boarding. Some children’s playgrounds are perfect for this activity. So please find as many as possible and stay there.

Although the airport does not have such entertainment facilities, there are still many opportunities to move around. Encourage your child to walk around until they board the plane. You can bring your children to learn about every part of the airport and some rules. If your children know what the rules are, they can better follow the rules.

Tips for flying with your kids

4. Pack your luggage properly
During the Covid-19 period, please be sure to take a mask, wet wipes, and scrub your child's seat, tray table, seat belt, etc. for your child. Unless your child is under 2 years old, they need to wear a mask at the airport and on the plane. Bring a carry on backpack as carry-on luggage. Pack some things that children need in the backpack, such as baby bottles, diapers, wet wipes, clothes, etc. Both you and your child should wear clothes that help relax. It can be very cold on the plane, so be sure to bring an extra sweater or blanket for your child.

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