What to eat on a backpacking trip?

It’s important to stay energized when traveling with a smart backpack, which also means eating nutritious food during the trip. Knowing the nutritional knowledge of some foods can help you keep traveling better and provide essential compounds that can effectively use food.

1. Consider all food groups. Although it is convenient to carry candies and biscuits, they cannot provide proper nutrition. Fruits and vegetables should be dehydrated and dried before departure. It is best to make different fruits into dried fruits, so as to ensure diversified nutrition during travel.

What to eat on a backpacking trip?

2. Don't forget to eat protein. Many foods contain protein, but meat has the highest content. Beef jerky can provide a large part of the protein that everyone needs. Other foods that can provide you with protein include whole grain bread, peanut butter and energy bars specially designed for sports. Make sure to get at least 10-15 grams of protein every day.

What to eat on a backpacking trip?

3. Eat compound sugars instead of simple sugars. Foods such as cereals and oats take a long time to decompose into glucose, which is energy that can be absorbed and used by the body, and therefore gives you continuous energy. On the other hand, the sugar in candy can be absorbed immediately, although it can burst energy quickly, but it also disappears quickly.

4. Eat fiber-containing foods. Fruits are one of the best sources of fiber, and dried fruits retain this nutrition. Bring some fruit in your carry on backpack. Fiber helps digestion and metabolism and is good for maintaining proper body function.

5. Eat foods rich in antioxidants. Blueberries are the fruit with the highest antioxidant content in nature. Antioxidants can promote overall health by fighting free radicals. Free radicals not only attack human cells, but also consume energy.

What to eat on a backpacking trip?
In short, backpacking with large travel backpack on travel should be based on a nutritious and balanced diet rich in fruits as the basic principle.

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