What to take backpacking in new zealand?

New Zealand has two climates: subtropical and temperate. Contrary to the northern hemisphere, their hottest time is from December to February, and their coldest time is from June to August. The temperature difference in New Zealand is not great, but its climate is relatively warm in autumn and spring, which is the most suitable time for travel with best travel backpack.

To go to New Zealand, the first thing you need to prepare is the passport, visa and ID card that you must have when you go abroad. These documents are not just to bring when you go to New Zealand. No matter which country you go to, you must bring these things. And these should be carried with you. Once lost, it will have a great impact on your journey and it will be very inconvenient.

There are two types of climate in New Zealand, so the weather in New Zealand is quite changeable. Whether it is in the south or the north, it is necessary to prepare waterproof clothes and bring a few thicker clothes in your big backpacks to protect from the cold.

"100% Pure", this is the slogan of Tourism New Zealand for this country. This purity is not only reflected in the scenery. As one of the few developed countries in the world based on agriculture, New Zealand attaches great importance to its agricultural environment and species health. Insect pests, plant diseases and zoonotic diseases that occur frequently in other parts of the world, but rarely break out in New Zealand. In order to reduce the risk of pests and diseases, the customs officer may stop you immediately and ask "Are there any apples? Are there eggs?".

Therefore, in order to pass through customs, it is recommended not to bring too many fruits and other food, because if you bring food, you need to declare and check in advance. Before leaving customs, it is strongly recommended that you dispose of your own fruits, meat, eggs, vegetables and perishable food before leaving customs. In addition, plant products such as plants seeds cannot be carried.

New Zealand is located at a lower latitude and the air is very pure. But we all know that the sun is still very strong in low latitudes, and the ultraviolet rays are relatively strong, so it is best to bring sunscreen and other sunscreen items when you go to New Zealand. Sun umbrellas and sun hats are also good.

There are some things to note when going to New Zealand. Some fjords are very humid and there are many pests, so if it is not particularly necessary, try not to go inside. If you really want to go, prepare anti-mosquito and pests  medicine in your travel laptop backpack.

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