What's the best backpack for traveling abroad?

What kind of backpack is the best travel backpack for long-distance travel abroad or long-term travel?

Matein travel backpack

It is recommended to buy hiking backpacks, which are lighter and larger in capacity then normal backpacks.what's more the comfort are also very good, but to be honest the hiking backpacks are more expensive.Those above 50L are heavy-duty.

Maybe you'll ask ow to choose a good backpack?

I only know the carrying system. The carrying system of the backpack has a specific scope of application. Although the scope of application of the adjustable backpack is larger, it is not unlimited. It is very important to buy a backpack and choose the size of the carrying system.

What size is appropriate? In general, the pressure point of the waist of the backpack should be on the waist above the tailbone, and the fulcrum of the shoulder strap should be slightly lower than the shoulder (10 cm is suitable), so as to facilitate the adjustment and force of the pressure belt, and it is comfortable to carry on . If the size of your carry on backpack that is too large, you will have a feeling of falling. Otherwise, you will have a feeling of uprightness, which will make the waist not in place. After the appropriate size is adjusted, the backpack will naturally stick to the back, which is very comfortable.

Matein travel backpack

Most backpacks are almost the same, but with subtle differences. You don't have to worry about so much. Traveling is meant to exercise, get close to nature, and hone your perseverance. Just choosing a backpack that you think is economical. Just like the top international races, there is not much difference in the 100-meter race,only a few tenths of a second. Very subtle. For beginners, you can't feel it, you can only experience it after carrying it for a while.


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What is the best backpack for traveling abroad?

What's the best travel backpack?


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