When You Should Use a Luggage Lock During Traveling?

Does your suitcases or large travel backpacks need to be locked? The answer is yes. But when should lock your suitcase during traveling?

First of all, you need to know what items are restricted by Transport Security Administration (TSA) in carry-on and checked baggage. If you are carrying packaged restricted items, your luggage will be checked by airport staffs. If you are worried that the zipper on your suitcase will open accidentally, or if your luggage is stolen while it is stored in the hotel concierge, it is best to lock your suitcase.

When You Should Use a Luggage Lock During Traveling?

1. Check in
First of all, if you want to improve the safety of your luggage, you must buy a trolley case with a code lock. In order to facilitate the inspection of the boxes by the relevant international departments, the combination locks are uniformly equipped with TSA locks. The TSA lock can only be opened by the relevant department using a special key. If they are not TSA locks, they may be picked up by inspectors.

Second, if you are considering carrying a trolley suitcase, you can open it yourself during the boarding check. If you are worried about the items in the suitcase being stolen, the code lock also plays a protective role. It is strongly recommended that passengers put valuables in their carry-on luggage. If there are no valuables in your checked luggage, you may not need to use a luggage lock. According to your own choice.

When You Should Use a Luggage Lock During Traveling?

2. To and from the airport
Once you get off the bus and reach your destination, you need some kind of transportation. If you are taking a bus with luggage below, or other public transportation. In this case, we recommend that you lock your rolling briefcase. Never trust anyone during the journey is vital, choosing security is a better choice. There will be several people handling your luggage during the journey; as any traveler should know, you should always be cautious. However, if you choose not to use the lock, please try to pay attention to your luggage. Another reason to put valuables in your carry-on luggage is that you can grab them at any time.

3. In the room
Hotels and private rooms are the favorite choices of travelers. No matter which one you choose, the important thing is safety. If you live in the same room with strangers from other travelers, we recommend that you lock your suitcase which have your private property. When staying at the hotel, room cleaning will enter the room to clean the room, so please make sure to lock your valuables in your bag or in the room’s safe.

Although it is useful to place a lockable safe in a hotel room, a lockable suitcase may be a better choice. Unlike lock safes where hotels are most likely to have a master key, only you have the key or password.

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