Which type of bag is good, hard trolley luggage or soft rolling backpack?

Trolley cases can be divided into soft rolling cases and hard rolling cases. Soft-shell trolley cases such as backpack with wheels are generally made of canvas, Oxford cloth, artificial PU leather, genuine leather, nylon and other materials. The Soft-shell trolley cases is lighter overall, and the internal space is more flexible, so it can hold more luggage. However, due to the overall softness, it cannot provide a good protection for internal items. Due to the characteristics of the cloth, the appearance of the Soft-shell trolley cases are less than the hard rolling case, and the cloth material is easy to dirt, and it is not as convenient to clean as the hard rolling case. But the drop resistance and abrasion resistance of the Soft-shell trolley cases are much higher than that of the hard rolling case.

The materials commonly used for the production of hard rolling cases are PC, ABS, PVC, aluminum-magnesium alloy, etc. The hard rolling cases made of these materials are more stylish overall. Most of the hard rolling cases have the characteristics of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, water resistance, and compression resistance, which can protect the contents of the box from being squeezed, and it is very convenient to clean. Therefore, the hard rolling case is more suitable for longer-distance travel.

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There are more choices of appearance patterns, colors, shapes, etc. of hard rolling cases, so they are more popular among consumers on the market. However, hard rolling cases also have many shortcomings. Generally speaking, the weight of hard rolling cases is generally heavier than soft rolling case, and the space is not flexible, relatively fixed, and cannot hold too much luggage. Moreover, the hard rolling case is easier to scratch, especially the aluminum-magnesium alloy material, which is very easy to scratch and affects the appearance.

Should I choose a wheeled laptop backpack or a hard rolling case? Still have to choose according to your personal needs. The hard rolling case is mainly to protect your items from too much impact. Its own weight is relatively heavy. The soft rolling case is generally lighter and can have a certain extension space, but the soft rolling case is not as good as hard rolling case in waterproof, compression and impact resistance.

 (1)Advantages of hard rolling case

  1. Made of metal or reinforced fiber, it is resistant to fall and impact, and can protect the contents of the box from being squeezed.
  2. There are more choices for appearance patterns and colors.
  3. The side is not a zipper design, it is not easy to burst when the luggage is too full.


  1. The box itself is relatively heavy, and it is more laborious to carry it by hand.
  2. The space is fixed, relatively speaking, there is no flexible space, so there are relatively few things that can be put.
  3. Because the box is relatively heavy, it is easy to be overweight when passing the security check.
Which type of bag is good, hard trolley luggage or soft rolling backpack?

 (2)Advantages of soft rolling case

  1. Made of fabric or leather, the overall weight is relatively light, and it is easier to carry, some rolling backpacks can be used as a backpack you can carry.
  2. It is less likely to be overweight when passing the security check.
  3. The internal elastic space is relatively large.


  1. Most of the sides use zipper design, if the stuff is too full, the zipper will burst open.
  2. The soft-shell trolley case is not as strong as the hard-shell trolley case, and the contents in the case are easily squeezed and damaged.
  3. There are fewer choices of appearance patterns than hard rolling cases.
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