Pack a Backpack for Sociality Distance Picnic

Hanging out with your friends may look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean that there is still no sun-drenched fun this year. As long as you prepare suitable supplies and equipment in your big backpacks, you can ensure that everyone can stay safe while playing.

Pack a Backpack for Sociality Distance Picnic

First of all, whether you are going to a picnic or a beach party, you need something to help ensure that you and your friends stay safe. Before going to the party, prepare disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, masks, blankets and towels in your backpack. There are other things you think you need.

When deciding which bag to bring, it is important to consider comfort, ease of use and the number of pockets. Choosing a multi-pocket backpack can organize your stuffs well. When you really need hand sanitizer or a mask, you don't want to search for it yourself. The front zipper pocket and side water bottle pocket of the backpack are perfect for storing hand sanitizer or extra masks. Please trust us, you will be happy to prepare in advance.

Pack a Backpack for Sociality Distance Picnic

We all know that sharing is important, but this rule does not really apply to these unusual coronavirus eras. You don’t have to share food or drinks to party. To avoid any cross-contamination during the picnic, please bring plates, wine glasses, knives, forks and spoons separately.

It is best to bring your own food, drinks and gourmet food. You may consider bringing a lunch backpack at this time. Lunch box compartment keeps the food fresh and warm. Although things are no longer shared, it is also a new and safe way of gathering.

Pack a Backpack for Sociality Distance Picnic
During the party, please make sure you and your friends wear masks and maintain a friendly social distance. No park or picnic is an exception to this rule. At the same time keep your hands clean. Picnic outdoors is a relatively low-risk activity. Assuming you keep your distance from society, outdoor activities usually have a lower risk of coronavirus transmission than indoors.

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