10 Mistakes You May Make at the Airport

From the secure travel backpack drop-off point to the security check line to the boarding gate, these days, just passing through the airport will bring you unexpected traps. Even if you line up at the airport, you can do other things to make the most wise use of your time and money. Here are 10 typical airport mistakes you might make, and my expert advice, to make you as little trouble as possible when leaving the airport and boarding the plane.

10 Mistakes You May Make at the Airport

Did not download your airline/airport app

Using the operator's app is important not only at the airport, but also before you arrive at the airport. Most airlines have apps that you can download on your smartphone, which will alert you when your flight is delayed or cancelled, even before you leave for the airport. Once the destination is reached, the information on the application is often more current than the information on the arrival and departure screens on the terminal. More and more airports have developed applications to help passengers navigate the terminal through maps and service lists.

Do not check in online

Recently, the people in line meandered to the ticket office just to check in, which surprised me. Unless you have some kind of problem that cannot be solved in advance, there is no reason not to check in online. Just send the ticket to your mobile phone (via SMS or email link). If you don’t have any luggage to check, you can skip the counter and go directly to the security check channel. If you have luggage, you need to put it down, but if you register in advance, the process will be quick. In addition, some airlines only let you choose your seat when you check in; if you are on one of these aircraft, you will want to check in as soon as possible and within the boarding time (usually 24 hours) Choose a seat.

No TSA Precheck

If you fly more than a few times a year, you will want to apply for TSA Precheck. The precheck line is rarely as long as the ordinary line. And, because you don’t take off your shoes, laptops, and liquids, the line queues faster, and you are less likely to drop things in the suitcase when you put them back in the suitcase in a hurry. TSA backpack is a best travel mate for you.

Not Bringing Food with You

It’s no secret that airport food, whether bought casually or eaten while sitting, is very expensive. It’s no secret that the only added value is convenience, not quality. This is not the only reason you put snacks in your carry-on luggage: if you queue at the Transportation Security Administration and time is tight, putting a sandwich, fries, biscuits, and fruit in your carry-on luggage can save you. Most foods are edible, except for liquid foods such as salad dressings, soups, and yogurt. If in doubt, you can check the prohibited food on the Transportation Security Administration website.

Wearing the Wrong Clothing

Wearing on the plane is not just for comfort, but also intentionally to wear faster. Even if you participate in the "pre-check" security check of the US Transportation Security Administration, there will be times when the security channel is closed. You return to the normal team, turn on the laptop, take off your shoes and belt, and take out the liquid inside. If you can, it pays to proceed with caution. This means that when passing through the body scanner, exclude anything that might trigger an alarm, such as heavy jewelry or belts. Shoes should also be easy to wear.

wearing casual at airaport

Not Playing Nice

This is not a question of if, but a question of when: you need help from others. This may be a problem caused by you, a problem caused by an airline, or force majeure, but anger, indignation, or grumbling will hardly do any good. Patience and a smile can help you communicate with gate attendants, flight attendants, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) staff, and even your companions. I have seen some people let overweight luggage (without penalty fees), change seats, and offer special discounts just because someone kindly requested it. Even if you don't get what you want (or need) in the end, you know you used the best way possible.

Not Marking Your Luggage

At the baggage claim area, there were a lot of suitcases that looked the same. Save yourself the trouble of checking every bag because it will put brightly colored labels on your bags. If your luggage is lost, it not only has your contact information, but if everything goes according to plan, you can quickly find your luggage and get on the road.

Did not buy the pass to the airport lounge

If you are not a flying elite, or have not used a credit card that provides such benefits, the world of airport lounges seems to be an expensive, exotic indulgence. But in some cases, especially when you have a long international stopover time, you are worth buying a one-day pass in the airline’s airport lounge. Not long ago, I stayed in San Salvador for 7 hours, and I happily paid 25 dollars just to have a quiet place to rest. It is also equipped with Wi-Fi, delicious food and plenty of drinks, including drinks. Most American airlines charge $50 to $60 for day tickets, which is a lot of change. However, not paying for food and beverages in airport restaurants helps offset a considerable part of the cost.

Send personal information via airport Wi-Fi

Fortunately, more and more airports are beginning to realize that free Wi-Fi is not only a convenience for passengers, but also a necessity. This is a good thing! But don’t forget that “free” does not mean “safe”: public Wi-Fi networks are insecure, so no matter what you do, don’t enter personal information—passwords, ID cards, etc.— Otherwise, when you come back from a trip, you may find that your Facebook has been hacked and your bank account has been emptied.




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