5 Things You Need to Take on a Surf Trip

Surfboard, shorts or wetsuit.These are the paths of any surf trip.However, if you're going to make the most of your trip, stay safe, and travel madly, there are a few things you should do as part of the must-have. Here's a list of 5 surf trips you need to take in your large travel backpack, from Indochina, Hawaii, Mexico, and more.

5 Things You Need to Take on a Surf Trip

First Aid Kit

I'm not talking about the "standard Band-Aid and tweezers" kit available at any store.I'm talking about a real first aid kit that will repair rock fragments, bonfire burns and machetes cut to the shoulder.Well, maybe not a machete.Our friends at Carryology built the final first aid kit here, providing them with a great guide.Personally, I always make sure I have non-toxic super glue for seamless stitching, antibacterial powder or gel to keep things clean, and one of the silver hot blankets that can be used as an awning or to keep things cool.After you know you have some basic medical supplies on shore, you can relax in the water. This is a must in your smart backpack.

Sun Protection

I don't get a tan.My freckles.So, even if the moon is particularly bright, I'm going to use zinc to blister.If you are tanned, the WORLD Health Organization still says you should protect your skin from burns and minimize the risk of skin cancer.Surfers spend more time in the sun than most people, so stay smart and act together.I use a long-sleeved rash vest, sunscreen on my legs, and zinc on my face.If I go to the tropics, I also wear a surfing cap.

Water Bottle

Most surfers are very green, and I'm no exception.I carry a stainless steel kettle with me so that no more plastic accumulates in the ocean.Turtles and other sea animals will thank you, too. 

5 Things You Need to Take on a Surf Trip

Travel Towel

"The Voyager Galactic Guide says that a towel is the most useful thing a star traveler can have."Douglas Adams was absolutely right when he wrote this letter, even if you weren't on a star trek.Towels will obviously dry you out when salted, but when rolled up, they can also serve as pillows;If you decide to take a nap under a palm tree somewhere, cover yourself with a blanket.The towel protects the surfboard's nose or tail while it's inside.Plank. A good towel is worth weighing in gold.

5 Things You Need to Take on a Surf Trip

A Good Attitude

It may sound corny, but on any surfing trip, it's a deadly and serious threat.Whenever you chase the waves, you rely on Mother Nature to deliver goods.Sometimes, she partied hard on the other side of the world.This is where a good attitude comes in handy. Explore local villages, ask campers about the history of the area, have impromptu adventures, or host high-stakes poker tournaments.Stay alive.There's nothing worse than people longing for no surfing and the whole travel atmosphere.Leave all negative emotions at home.If you're lucky enough to take a surf trip somewhere, you'll be among the 1 percent luckiest people on the planet.

It's hard to find a slot for wax, fins, etc., and a backpack for wet compartments for other gear. Matein Super Backpack is nailed on a nail with some safety protection measures attached.It's perfect for a day trip when you want to keep your stuff from getting crushed.I used this bag on a recent trip to Hawaii and loved it.




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