6 travel hacks to prevent airport stress

When carrying a carry on backpack for a relaxing holiday or work trip, the last thing everyone has to do is spend a painful moment before (or after) the airport. Fortunately, there are some tricks you can use to prevent unnecessary airport troubles and make sure your vacation is easy and comfortable.

6 travel hacks to prevent airport stress

1. Put flight necessities in a small bag

Put all the items needed during the flight into the wash bag, and then put it in your luggage. Just put your earphones, snacks, charger, mobile phone and all other necessities in a small bag, which means you can take them out immediately after boarding, and then put your larger hand luggage or duffel bag Above the head. This way you can gather everything you need in one place.

At the same time, put all travel documents in easy-to-access locations, such as the your anti theft travel backpack's anti theft pocket, so as not to constrain other travelers and panic caused by the initial inability to find them.

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There is no doubt that the items you need to take out to be checked are also packed in a small bag, such as some liquid items. This also saves time in searching for them during security checks, which can also increase your anxiety.

2. Before going to the airport, please check the flight status

Checking the status of your flight before leaving home can give you a quick idea of ​​what will happen. If your flight is delayed, you do not need to rush to the airport; if the flight has been cancelled, you can rebook another flight over the phone.

3. Arrive at the airport early

Do not enter the airport at the last minute. If you arrive early, you can solve half of all possible problems. There is enough time to deal with issues that may be denied boarding or excessive luggage.

4. Take photos of your parking space and luggage

If your car is parked in a parking lot, it is best to take a photo of the parking lot when you leave the parking lot. After a week, you may have forgotten its parking place, and airport parking lots are usually large and featureless, with hundreds of parking spaces.

5. Familiarize yourself with airport rules and airport maps in advance

View an application similar to an airport map to get a map of each airport terminal. It can make you reach the door faster and can also show you which shops, bars, cafes and restaurants are available.

6. Consider the airport lounge

Some lounges are not accessible to VIP guests, but they need to be paid. You can visit the airport website to see which lounges are available. You can relax in the quiet lounge, where there is usually unlimited food and drinks, newspapers and magazines, Wi-Fi and a more relaxed atmosphere!

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