6 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know Before Travelling

Traveling to new corners of the world with your carry on backpack is always exciting. But for girls, this may destroy their skin condition. For example, flying may dehydrate the skin, packaging restrictions limit the number of products we can bring, and we may not be able to enter any beauty salons when we travel. Every girl wants to look beautiful when traveling. Here are some beauty tips for your reference:

6 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know Before Travelling

1. Hydrate the skin, this is the most important step. Nothing can dry our skin like the stale air on an airplane. Drink plenty of water before and during the flight. It is recommended to pack a reusable water bottle, so that you can rest assured to replenish enough water. No need to worry about buying expensive bottled water from a airport store.

2. Carry wet wipes with you. Because before performing facial treatments, you need to clean your skin to remove bacteria. Using wet wipes, you can do this super easily. They can also help your skin feel fresh.

3. Pack moisturizers or masks that are denser than daily creams, because in high altitude areas, the circulating air inside an airplane can indeed dry the skin. You should also bring lip balm and body lotion. Remember to put what you need in your cosmetic bag when packing your backpack.

4. Bring a scarf. You can use it as a scarf, blanket or pillow. Scarf has many uses and it is also one of the essential items for travel.

6 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know Before Travelling

5. Remember to bring sunscreen, especially when going to the beach in summer. If you don't have sunscreen, it’s easy to end up looking more like a lobster than the golden bronze you were hoping for. It will also sunburn the skin. Avoid using shiny oil-based sunscreens. Matte sunscreen is best in summer.

6 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know Before Travelling

6. Bring dry shampoo. When flying a long distance, please bring a dry shampoo in travel size to help hide any oily hair, maintain bulkiness and keep your hair fresh and scented.




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