6 Top Back-to-school Tips for Parents

The coming of summer vacation is of course a very happy time for your children. They can go out to play without carrying heavy school laptop backpack, get up late and live freely. But before the reopening of the school day, there is a big challenge.

As a parent, you need to let your children begin to adapt to school life instead of entering school life without a plan. Here are a few practical tips to help your child adjust to school life before returning to school.

6 Top Back-to-school Tips for Parents

1. Arrange bedtime as early as possible
Children need some time to regain the sleep mode that they switched on during the summer vacation. To make it easier for children to wake up in the morning, parents can introduce a school sleep plan two weeks before school starts. Urge your child to rest early and not to play games too late.

2. Continue to exercise the brain
You have to make your children realize that the vacation is not about doing nothing, just playing days. Can assist him in setting the learning goals and the progress of completing the homework together. Pay attention to the combination of work and rest. You can play with your children at the right time to reduce life pressure.

3. Exercise life skills
Summer vacation is the longest time you spend with your children. At this time, it is very important to teach your children some necessary life skills, which can be applied not only in school, but also in future life, such as cleaning and cleaning, cooking, washing clothes and so on.

4. Back to school shopping day
Choose a date to go shopping at school with your child. This date should be set and organized some time in advance for a relaxing shopping experience. Choose their student backpacks, water bottles, stationery and other school supplies to increase their interest in new things. It may also increase their excitement about returning to school.

6 Top Back-to-school Tips for Parents

5. Active communication
Especially during a pandemic, some children may be scared but have not expressed it. At this time, you can chat with them and take precautions during the popular science pandemic to reduce their anxiety. It is not only about special period, but also anxiety in life and study.

Parents should pay attention to their children's performance and communicate with them at appropriate times to open up their hearts and ease the anxiety of life and study.

6. Prepare a lunch box and keep it convenient
Studies have shown that students who eat breakfast perform better at school and are more energetic. Ask your children in advance about the healthy food they like to bring to school. Maybe your child likes certain fruits or vegetables that can be packed and healthy sandwiches.

6 Top Back-to-school Tips for Parents

At this time, choosing a lunch backpack can keep food and fruit fresh without the need to bring an extra lunch box in your hand.





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