8 Free Things You Can Get at Airports

The feeling gained from the plane is a kind of freedom. If you want to go to the next destination, but can't tell you what might be in the store. Well, you can get something for free from the airport or on the plane. You need to know in advance to avoid increased travel expenses.

8 Free Things You Can Get at Airports

1. Water bottle refill
Ever since I discovered that drinking fountains are one of the most bacterial places in airports, I have always tended to avoid drinking fountains. But now more and more airports provide hydration stations where you can fill reusable water bottles with automatic hands-free sensors. For example, most airports provide this allowance.

2. Pet potty rest
More and more airports provide outdoor space reserved for people traveling with furry friends. This is usually a fenced-in patch of outdoor space reserved for pets. Some other airports, there is only a piece of grass, surrounded by barbed wire. But this is better than nothing.

8 Free Things You Can Get at Airports

3. Luggage tag
Many experienced travelers know that almost all airport ticket offices provide luggage tags for free. You should fill in a baggage tag and affix a baggage tag on each piece of checked baggage and carry on backpack so that airline staff can identify your baggage in case it is lost. You can find free luggage tags at the check-in counter, or you need to ask for them.

4. Fragile stickers
A free "Fragile" label is affixed to the bag to protect fragile items. Some passengers buy in advance, but in fact, most airline check-in counters are free. Although we cannot guarantee that the baggage handling program that throws the baggage shipper onto the plane can read and pay attention to the tags, it is still worth trying.

5. Wireless Internet
More and more airports offer free Wi-Fi, including Atlanta, Denver, Toronto Pearson, London Heathrow, etc. This allows you to stay entertained during long-distance stays without wasting your phone time.

8 Free Things You Can Get at Airports

6. First aid supplies
This seems obvious, because airlines absolutely want their passengers to remain relaxed at all times. Therefore, if you are injured for some reason, the flight attendant will be happy to provide you with the first aid supplies you need. They usually carry basic kits. In addition, most service personnel are trained to provide this basic form of medical assistance. So, if you need to, don't be shy. Ask your flight attendant for help and they will provide you with what you need.

7. Blanket or socks
The airplane always stays between 70 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit, and the real feeling will make it look colder. Airlines are fully aware that sitting in these cool temperatures may make some passengers feel uncomfortable or cause illness. For those who are lazy to pack or forget to pack the blanket, they have some free items for your leisure. The blanket is suitable for anyone who needs extra comfort. If your feet feel particularly cold, you can also buy socks. In addition to these conveniences, some airlines also provide free eye masks or neck pillows to make you feel more at ease during the flight.

8. Disinfecting wipes
The flight crew is very aware of the remaining dust on the aircraft. Passing through the airport itself makes passengers vulnerable to all kinds of bacteria, which is why you can ask for disinfecting wipes to be provided on the plane for free. They can really come in handy if you feel very dirty, or your child mess up the food.

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