8 Hidden Expenses to Look for When Traveling

When you pack your large travel backpack and arrange travel routes, you may find yourself hit by unexpected expenses. We have summarized some of the most common activities with hidden costs, which may reduce your holiday budget. Check our article ahead of time to understand hidden costs and understand how to respond.

1. Telephone flight booking fee
If you have any questions about online booking and it is difficult to answer them online, you can call the airline to clarify. Unfortunately, you may spend time waiting and talking with a representative before you realize that booking a ticket over the phone will incur additional costs. It is best to call the agent for information, but complete the transaction on the airline's website.

8 Hidden Expenses to Look for When Traveling

2. Local entry and departure taxes
You will usually pay for these fees without knowing it, because these fees are usually bundled with the taxes and fees on your ticket. However, some countries/regions require these taxes separately on arrival and departure, and the exact amount may vary depending on the length of your stay.

Many developing countries will not accept credit cards for this fee, so make sure you have enough cash on hand.

3. Frequent Flyer Fees
When you take an airline flight and accumulate miles, you should be able to redeem or reduce fares for free. Please note that some airlines will charge you late fees if the ticket you purchased took off within a few days or weeks. If you want to redeem miles without restrictions, be sure to make adequate plans in advance.

4. Airport transfer
In the larger cities in the world, the price to and from the airport can be a big expense. If you carry a lot of luggage, you may not be able to resist this fastest option. But this option is usually the most expensive. For taxi and ride-hailing apps, the fare can easily exceed $100. Shuttle buses, shared transportation and subway services are cheaper options.

8 Hidden Expenses to Look for When Traveling

You'd better determine the travel mode before you arrive. Take the initiative to ask your hotel if there are free transfers or at least less than the cost of airport transfers by taxis.

5. Airplane pillows and blankets
Want to take a break from a long flight? Be prepared to pay at least a few dollars for pillows or blankets issued by the airline. It is best to carry travel pillows and carry on backpack with you.

6. Cruise fees
Many cruise companies promise to provide all-inclusive ticketing services, but the definitions may vary widely. Before booking, make sure to include food and entertainment.

7. Hotel resort fee
Find a good price per night in a hotel room? Please note that some chain stores will provide you with a list price, but the "final" price will charge an additional fee. The hotel calls these fees a resort fee or destination fee, and stated that these fees include Wi-Fi, towels, and gym facilities. You may not be able to avoid this, but you must take them into consideration when deciding where to book your accommodation.

8. Hotel parking fees and tolls
Of course, you will definitely consider gas prices before road trip by car, but don’t neglect tolls and parking fees along the way, especially overnight hotel parking fees, will indeed consume your budget.

8 Hidden Expenses to Look for When Traveling


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