Can a 60L backpack as carry-on for planes?

Each airline has different policies for best travel backpack. Some are carried out by weight, and some are carried out by the physical size of the item. Check with the specific airline you are going to fly with before check in. Otherwise, it will be very troublesome to be intercepted during check in if it does not meet the requirements.

If your backpack meets the requirements of the airline, you need to open it one by one when you pass the security check. Turn off all digital equipment on the plane, including MP4 and mobile phones.

But if your backpack is very bulging and looks large, it is probably won't be allowed on the plane. Because many airlines also have size restrictions on this Personal Item. For example, American Airlines requires that the sum of three sides does not exceed 36 inches (92cm), and Northwest Airlines requires that it does not exceed 15 inches × 11 inches × 6 inches ( 38 cm×28 cm×15 cm).

Can a 60L backpack as carry-on for planes?

Therefore, if you bring a 60L backpack, don't pack it too full. It is recommended that you put computers and various related electronic products in your carry on backpack, such as mobile hard disk digital cameras and so on. This way not only put a lot of things, but also easy to pass the check in.

If you are worried about your checked baggage being overweight, you can put the irrelevant items on the top of your backpack where they can be easily taken out. If you really can’t pass the customs, you can choose to pay for the excess luggage, or you can choose to let your relatives and friends take away.

Can a 60L backpack as carry-on for planes?

The airline stipulates that the weight of carry-on luggage shall not exceed 10 kg, and the volume of each piece shall not exceed 20X40X55 cm. Passengers holding first-class tickets can carry two items with them. The volume of each carry-on item shall not exceed 20X40X55 cm. Carry-on items that exceed the above-mentioned weight, number or volume limits should be checked as checked baggage.

Therefore, whether the 60L backpack can be as carry-on luggage on the plane needs to be determined according to the requirements of the airline and the size and weight of the backpack.

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