Can you put an outdoor backpack in the dryer?

If you like outdoor sports, the large travel backpack is essential items for you. A professional outdoor backpack can be loaded with many things, and the interior is also specially designed for some outdoor equipment. The material of the outdoor backpack is special. In order to be used for a long time, it is recommended to wash and dry it regularly, but it must not be use in the dryer.

Can you put a outdoor backpack in the dryer?

It is best not to use a hair dryer or dryer to dry outdoor backpacks, especially some fabrics will damage the toughness of the fabrics and reduce performance due to a short period of forced drying. And can not be dried in the sun, can only hang in a ventilated place to dry.

Also, before putting the essentials back into the backpack, please make sure the inside of the backpack is dry, including all zippers, pockets and removable clips. If you keep the backpack moist, it will increase the possibility of mold.

When using a carry on backpack for outdoor sports, it always attach some dust, dirt and sweat. It is recommended to use a dry soft brush to remove dust from the outer layer of the backpack. Or wipe it directly with a damp cloth instead of staining the surface of the fabric. Then rinse with clean water. If there is oil, it is best to use a neutral detergent. If it is difficult to judge the nature of the solution, you can use body wash or shampoo instead.

Can you put a outdoor backpack in the dryer?
Then dry in a cool place. Do not expose it to the sun, because ultraviolet rays can easily make the fibers hard and brittle.

If the backpack is used for a long time, please remember to clean the backpack after traveling: soak it in clean water for about 30 minutes, and then wash it to prevent microorganisms or perishable debris in the backpack from getting stuck on the backpack.

You can use some shower gel or shampoo during the cleaning process to wash away oil stains, or you can use a professional backpack cleaner, and then rinse the surface cleaner with water to restore the cleaned backpack to its original shape.

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