Can You Put a Tent in The Washing Machine?

For friends who like to go outdoor sports with a large travel backpack, how to better maintain outdoor tent equipment is very important. In the wild, outdoor equipment is like your friend taking care of you. The correct maintenance method can maximize the service life of outdoor equipment. So how to clean the tent? Can the tent be cleaned in the washing machine?

Can You Put a Tent in The Washing Machine?

Unfortunately, to properly maintain the tent, never wash it in a top-loading washing machine.
The washing machine tears the fabric and wears the protective coating.

The cleaning method includes washing with water or hand rubbing. You can use non-alkaline detergents. You can use a cloth to scrub the particularly dirty parts, but you must not use hard objects such as brushes to scrub the tent. This will damage the waterproof coating of the tent's tent and destroy its waterproofness.

1. How to clean canvas tent
The canvas tent is made of cotton. Since these tents are not made of synthetic plastics such as nylon or polyester, they cannot be wiped. Instead, you should shake them to remove excess dust. You can use the vacuum brush attachment to remove other debris outside and inside the tent.

Can You Put a Tent in The Washing Machine?

If your tent needs deeper cleaning, you can completely immerse it in a large container. Use microfiber cloth or sponge and neutral soap for cleaning. You may need to repeat this process, depending on how dirty your tent is.

2. How to clean nylon and polyester tents
The tent made of synthetic material is lightweight and very suitable for backpacking trip. You can carry this tent in your carry on backpack. They are also easy to keep clean. If you do need a deeper cleaning, set up a tent and use a towel, a large bucket, and mild soap to clean the very dirty area.

If your tent is covered with dirt, you can also submerge and clean the tent. Before storing, please make sure the tent is completely dry, especially the seams, because the seams can retain longer moisture than the rest of the tent.

There are no rules for how often to clean the tent. If you have only been to the campsite a few times in summer, you can wash the tent once a year. I recommend routine tent maintenance after every camping trip. This does not always mean thorough cleaning.

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Can You Put a Tent in The Washing Machine?



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