Can you travel with a backpacking bag?

The answer is absolutely yes. Bring different types of best travel backpacks according to different travel places and purposes.

 1. Dayhiking:

• Usually a 30-liter capacity is most suitable.
• Side pockets (usually flexible mesh bags, which can be affixed flat on the backpack when nothing is left)
• The compartment (mezzanine or pocket) is convenient for storing small equipment.
• There are water bag interlayer and straw opening.

2. For climbing (Scrambling/climbing):

Choose a relatively narrow backpack, and you will usually climb to higher altitudes and the temperature is relatively low, so you need a backpack with a capacity of 40 liters to carry additional warm clothing. Your climbing ambition will determine the capacity of your backpack. Consider the amount of equipment you carry and a backpack with ice axe rings and rope chains. In addition, backpacks with compression straps and chest straps help maintain stability.

Can you travel with a backpacking bag?

3. Ski Tour (Skitouring):

Hot topic backpacks with a narrow back panel and high close stability would be a good choice. Because a relatively narrow backpack will not hinder your activities, and it is not easy to hook things. The scope of your trip (how much extra clothes you carry) will determine the size of your backpack. The backpack is best designed with hanging points that can store snow shovel and poles. In addition, chest straps and waist belts are also important considerations.

Can you travel with a backpacking bag?
4. Trailrunning/adventureracing:

Waist packs, water bottle backpacks or small-capacity technical backpacks (25 liters or less) are all good choices. The waist bag does not move with the user's actions, and can keep the back ventilated and wick away sweat.

5. For overnight itinerary (Overnighter):

With lightweight sleeping bags, camping tent bags, etc., a technical backpack can handle ultra-lightweight overnight needs. It's just that under normal circumstances, few people can do it. Therefore, the recent lightweight trend tends to use ultra-lightweight mid-sized backpacks. You can find a carry on backpack with a back support board and waist belt. Some carrying systems have one or two aluminum strips, which can carry a higher weight. But even if it's just an overnight trip, the desire for comfort in the wild life will make your backpack bigger and bigger.

Can you travel with a backpacking bag?
6. School/Commuting/Traveling:

Look for a backpack with at least two or more compartments, including a mezzanine for magazines or laptops, and space for electronics and small items. It is best to have a back support board to prevent the books from hitting your back.




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