Flat pattern decoration technology

1. Sewing
Sewing are common methods of pattern design. Different stitch patterns can be formed on the wrapping surface by stitching. The best business laptop backpack is not use this mostly. The stitches can be straight lines, curves, arcs, or grid patterns. Curved line pattern, stitches of the same color as the wrap surface form patterns of different sizes but similar shapes on the wrap surface. The bag design as shown in Figure 6-67 forms a zigzag and concave-convex pattern, which produces a new fabric effect. The quilted diagonal grid pattern design has the beauty of regular patterns.

2. Lace and yarn edge
Lace and yarn edges are the main materials that shape the beauty of women, and they also play an important role in the design of luggage patterns. The yarn edge pattern design shown in Figure 6-68 uses pink yarn edge supplemented by folds to form a very feminine design effect. As shown in Figure 6-69, the bag design is covered with lace on the fan surface, and regular squares are separated by thin leather strips. The color of the inner material can be revealed through the void of the lace, forming a two-tone color matching effect, revealing a very elegant lady style.

Flat pattern decoration technology

3. Sequins
Sequin decoration has a bright pattern effect. In the design of bags such as student backpacks, the application of sequins is a new way in recent years. For the sequin design shown in Figure 6-70, use black and white sequins to cover the entire package surface, and there are density and size changes. Black sequins are used to form a pattern of Mickey head in the middle of the bag. The effect of the whole bag is very fashionable and sparkling.

As shown in Figure 6-71, the sequin pattern design uses black and gold sequins to form a regular heterochromatic diamond grid pattern, which has a strong dynamic image effect, and the whole package shines with a charming fashion taste. In these two designs, the sequins basically cover the entire fan surface, and the sequins are applied to the part of the pattern to emphasize the decorative effect of a certain part, which also has an unusual decorative effect.

Flat pattern decoration technology

4. Embroidery
Embroidery not only has a wide range of applications, but also has a wide variety of needles. The variety of this craft is even more diverse. The embroidery patterns are mainly flowers, birds, fish and insects.

As shown in Figure 6-72, the embroidered pattern design of the bag is an evening gift bag design. The gold and yellow flower patterns are embroidered on the black gold velvet fabric. It has elegant and rich decorative features, and is accompanied by a peach pink bag. The surface makes the whole bag look elegant; the bag design is a pattern embroidered after quilting, sewn diamonds with threads of the same color as the fabric, and then embroidered with white patterns. The decorative effect is fashionable and beautiful.

5. Ironing
Ironing refers to the process of forming patterns on the bag surface under the action of heat and pressure. By ironing, various concave and convex patterns can be formed on the bag surface with different styles and outstanding decorative effects. In particular, the brand image of the product and regular geometric figures and flower patterns are the most common. As shown in Figure 6-73.

Flat pattern decoration technology

6. Rivet
The rivet pattern design is a very popular decorative technique in recent years. The rivet itself has a variety of shapes and colors, as well as different sizes. The patterns on the package surface can either form a full design or be arranged on the package surface. For a certain part, you can apply patterns of uniform size and different shapes, or choose a combination of riveting patterns of different sizes and shapes. The bag design shown in Figure 6-74 uses regular star-shaped rivets to form a decorative band on the bag cover, and the size of the rivets are designed to change the effect. In addition, rivets can also be used to form a character pattern design. Therefore, in the design of modern luggage, the pattern of rivets is varied and colorful.

7. Color printing, hand drawing
Because of the outstanding artistic effects of color printing and hand-painting, this technique can give the hot topic bag a higher artistic added value, as shown in Figure 6-75 for the bag design.

8. Hollowing and carving
Hollowing and carving techniques are mainly used in the decorative pattern design of leather fabrics. Hollowing refers to the formation of a hollow image on the surface of the leather by depicting a pattern on the leather surface according to a pre-designed pattern, and then revealing the interior from the hollow The texture and color have a three-dimensional effect, as shown in Figure 6-76. The engraving mainly refers to a form of pattern decoration on the leather surface. The engraving does not engrave the leather. It only engraves the pattern on the leather surface, which has a concave-convex effect. Then the pigment is given to the carved pattern to form a rich Colorful patterns and colors, as shown in Figure 6-77.

Flat pattern decoration technology




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