How to choose a backpack for business trips and commuting?

To choose a best business laptop backpack for both business trips and commuting, it is recommended to follow the following principles:

1. Give priority to daily commuting needs. After all, in general, no matter how frequent business trips are, commuting work can more than business trips. The backpack for daily commuting should not be too big. Because you would carry a heavy load, and on the other hand, it looks too exaggerated and not elegant enough. In order to take into account the needs of short-term business trips, you can choose a backpack with a slightly larger main compartment(less than 20 liters) and sperate file and computer compartments. So that not only store the computer and files needed for work but also hold two or three sets of clothes and toiletries.

How to choose a backpack for business trips and commuting?

2. If you need to bring more things on a business trip, then directly choose a smaller backpack, which only contains computers and essential items for work, and the rest can be packed in a small trolley case. Try to choose a small trolley case that is under 18 inches, which can ensure that most airlines can bring it on the plane and save the time required for consignment. The backpack must have a strap that can be inserted on the luggage lever so you can carry backpack and trolley case easily.

The author’s travel habit is that unless the business trip is long time, I will try to carry with just a travel laptop backpack, and definitely not bring it with a trolley case. The most important point in deciding whether to pack all the luggage into a backpack is the amount of clothes to carry. Because they take up the most space. For most men, it usually doesn't need much stuffs. Three or four sets of clothes are enough, plus toiletries and some sundries. But it is not easy for girls.

Therefore, in addition to the capacity of the backpack for business trips, the opening method (which needs to be convenient to pick and place) and the carrying system (a good carrying system can make you feel more relaxed) should not be ignored.

How to choose a backpack for business trips and commuting?

3. In addition, there must be a waterproof compartment on the backpack to store water cups and umbrellas. It is not a big problem to accidentally get your clothes wet. If you wet files, computers, and mobile hard drives, things will be serious. Since you want to use it on a business trip, the style is best matched with formal or business casual wear. Some very brightly colored mountaineering bags or camouflage bags may not be suitable in many workplaces.

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