How to choose the best hiking bag?

When it comes to big travel backpack, it's the indispensable thing in mountaineering, camping, outing. It's responsible for loading your supplies and freeing your hands.It makes you safer and less laborious on the road. Today, let's discuss how to choose the best hiking bag.

How to choose the best hiking bag

Choose thr capacity according to loading requirements

If the travel time is short (1-3 days), and you are not ready to go camping in the outdoors, and you do not have much to carry, choose a small and medium volume backpack, generally 25 to 45 liters is enough.This large carry on backpack usually has a simple structure, with no or fewer plug-ins. In addition to one main bag, it is usually equipped with 3-5 add-on bags to facilitate the classification and loading of items.If you are travelling for a long time (3 days or more) or you need camping equipment, choose a large bag, preferably 50 to 70 litres.If you need to load a large number of items or large size, you can choose 80+20 liter oversized backpack or bags with more plug-ins.

How to choose the best hiking bag

Choose the backpack type according to the exercise mode

Although there are many kinds of backpacks, their USES are not the same. The mountain Adventure series focuses on the application of high strength and heavy equipment conditions.The walking series emphasizes the lightness under the conditions of use.Rock climbing bags are not designed with hard support so that they can be bent easily. Cycling bags pay more attention to the characteristics of cycling and are suitable for cycling sports. If you are going for a picnic, it's better get bookbag with lunch box compartment. When choosing a backpack, the first consideration is the application environment and the way of movement. The best choice for buying a bag is to make the special bag special.

Choose the size of the saddle system according to the figure

The backpack has a specific scope of application, adjustable backpack is not unlimited although the scope of application is larger.It is very important to choose the right size for your backpack purchase.What size is appropriate? Generally speaking, the waist stress point of the backpack should be on the lumbar fossa above the coccyx.The fulcrum of the shoulder belt should be slightly lower than the shoulder (10 cm is appropriate), so as to facilitate the adjustment of the stress belt and stress, back up just comfortable.Carrying size too large will produce a sense of falling, on the other hand, there is a sense of longitudinal, so that the waist stress is not in place, the appropriate size is adjusted, the backpack will naturally stick to the back, the correct stress will be comfortable.




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