How to classify the fabric of bags and suitcases?

Before you make a decision where to buy backpacks, it is suggested for you to know what kind of bags suit you better. Here we would like to introduce the materials of bags for you.

Diversity of materials

Fabric is the main material of case and bag products. Fabric not only directly affects the appearance of the product, but also relates to the market price of the product, so great attention must be paid to it in design and selection.Style modelling, material and colour are design 3 elements.The color and material of the case are directly reflected by the fabric. The style and shape of the case also depend on the softness, firmness, thickness and other characteristics of the material to ensure.So is also in the conceptual design performance effect should be emphasized. 

There are many kinds of materials that can be used in case and bag fabrics, and the products have different classification due to different fabrics, such as: real leather bags, imitation leather bags, plastic boxes, plush bags, cloth handbags and so on.

How to classify the fabric of bags and suitcases?

1. Genuine leather

The raw materials of natural leather are all kinds of animal skins. Natural leather has elegant appearance, soft and plump feel, and good durability, which is well received by users.But its high price limits the use of leather cases and bags to some extent.There are a lot of natural leather materials used in cases and bags, and they vary greatly with the different properties of the types.

2. Artificial leather and synthetic leather

Artificial leather looks like natural leather, and its price is low. It has been widely used in industrial and agricultural production and people's life.Early production of man-made leather use made of PVC coated on the fabric surface, appearance and practical performance is poorer, and the varieties of pu synthetic leather, artificial leather quality significantly improved, especially the bottom base with nonwoven cloth, polyurethane porous material surface imitation of the structure of natural leather and synthetic leather, has a good practical performance.

How to classify the fabric of bags and suitcases

Therefore, artificial leather according to raw materials classification, can be divided into two categories, namely polyvinyl chloride artificial leather and polyurethane synthetic leather.Among them, artificial leather series, artificial leather, artificial paint leather, synthetic suede, PVC plasticized film and other materials.In the synthetic leather series, synthetic leather with a polyurethane foam coating that looks very similar to natural leather is most widely used.

3. Artificial fur

With the development of textile technology, artificial fur has a greater development, artificial fur has the appearance of natural fur, and the price is low and easy to keep, in the performance is also close to natural fur, in the case design can not only be used for trimming materials, but also can be used to make bags full of children's fun products.Its appearance and performance mainly depend on its production method, the breed has knitting artificial fur, knitting artificial fur, artificial roll fur and so on.

4. Fibrous cloth (fabric)

The fabric can be used for both fabric and lining in the case.The fabrics used in the fabric are polyvinyl chloride coating and common fabric., PVC coated, is in the side or the other fabric with transparent or not transparent PVC film, such as Scotland grid cloth, calico, man-made fibre cloth, etc., this material has a variety of color and design, and has a high degree of water proofing property and abrasion resistance, can be used to make bag, sports bag, waterproof rolling backpack and so on. Among common fabrics, canvas, flannelette, twill, and scotch plaid can all be used to make bags. 

5. Plastic

Plastic is a kind of material commonly used in suitcases and bags. It is mainly used for the box parts of hot-pressing molding and is the main material of traveling cases.Not only colorful, and use performance is very good.

6. Lining material

The material in the case is mainly used to assist the shape of the product and protect the fabric of the product.The main varieties have artificial leather and textile two categories.In artificial leather products, the main application of those softer varieties, such as foam imitation sheep leather;In textiles, the imitation silk fabrics in chemical fiber fabrics are mainly used, and sometimes cotton and artificial cotton fabrics are also used in some cases and bags.

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