How to clean your Matein Backpack?

Some of our customers have raised questions about how to clean their backpacks lately. Questions like how do I clean the backpack? Will the charging port be damaged by water? What should I do if I want to machine wash the backpack? Are the charging port and the USB cable removable? To address all of your concerns, here is a specific guide to help you correctly clean your backpack. So you can stay fresh with Matein on the road.

Instructions for cleaning your Matein Backpack:

Find the place where the charging port is built inside.

Instructions to clean your usb port backpack from Matein

Hardly pinch the USB cable to the connector end and pull it up. (By this action you will see the USB cable is detached from the port)

Matein USB port backpack washing instructions

Simply take it out through the hole.

Instructions to remove usb cable of Matein Backpack

For installing the USB connector back to the port:

Simply put the connector back to where you took it out through the hole and move it to the place where the charging port is built.

Press it into the charging port, you can feel it if it is fit in the right place. (You may hear a slight 'click' sound which means it is perfectly fit to the port and your reinstallation is done)


Please do notice: our backpack allows machine-wash when without the USB cable, but frequent machine-wash is not advised as it could undermine the work life of your backpack. So keep your backpack tidy and clean in daily use is a good way to maintain it.



Thank you so much for having these instructions available. I’m usually very careful with my pack but had a sauce packet rip in one of the pockets, so it needs a good cleaning. It has lasted me 4 years so far, which is more than I can say for any other backpack I’ve owned! Very impressed, considering its daily use commuting.


This is very helpful and the bags are great


I just love my backpack. I read some of the reviews on Amazon which had me on the fence of buying the 2 laptop backpacks. But the review by Travel and Leisure putting your laptop backpacks in the top 10 travel bags. Solidified my thought of making the purchase. Then to meet someone while traveling who had the same backpack who gave such praise of how they also loved their bag. Truly made me feel very happy about my purchase. The bags are nice and sturdy and they don’t not hurt your back or shoulders.

Angela N.

Thank you for responding so quickly. Instructions were easy to follow. I am visiting my daughter and she was asking for advice on how to wash her backpack from our resent trip overseas. My next backpack will definitely be purchased from your company. Thank you again for your help. Sincerely, Denita Nelson

Denita Nelson

Thank you. I’m getting mixed answers on whether the cable need to be removed fro carry on luggage at airport security. Some say it’s allowed, some say it isn’t.

Jim DElia



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