How to Fix a Stuck Handle in Your Rolling Bag?

What should I pay attention to when buying rolling backpacks or suitcases with wheels? Many people will consider the price, color, material, etc., but often ignore the small aspects of the role of the pull rod, universal wheel, and zipper lock. The most stressed areas are luggage trolleys and luggage swivels. When buying luggage, the quality of these key components cannot be ignored.

When choosing a roller bag, try not to choose a low-priced one, because the price is generally proportional to the quality.

How to Fix a Stuck Handle in Your Rolling Bag?

First of all, you need to understand how the luggage bar works in order to prescribe the right medicine.

When we use the luggage rod, we will see several sets of symmetrically protruding semi-circular spheres on the outside of the trolley. These sets of small balls can be properly caught in the grooves on the wall of the trolley. These points are the key points of luggage rod work, that is, changing the direction of movement of the object. This technique is used on the umbrellas we use every day. Speaking of this, everyone suddenly realized? That's right, the lever of the suitcase is similar to the lever used on the umbrella.

So what should I do if the luggage bar cannot be pulled out?

How to Fix a Stuck Handle in Your Rolling Bag?

1. Tear the inner tank from the inside, find the semi-circular ball stuck in the position of the lever, press it in, and then pull out the lever. In the same way, if the luggage bar cannot be pulled up, it may be because the semi-circle ball cannot come out.

2. Add some lubricating oil to let the lubricating oil flow into the gap of the tie rod little by little. Or to use a rust remover, you need to use a canned spray to slowly soak the rust remover liquid, and then pull the rod out later.

3. Hold the suitcase with both hands and shake the suitcase slidely;

4. It may be that the beads are stuck, just install the beads or remove the beads.

6. The rod of the roller bag is seriously damaged, so you can directly seek after-sales service.

When using the rolling bag, you must use and transport the suitcase in a reasonable and appropriate way. The suitcase should be cleaned and maintained in a timely manner. If you want to take care of yourself, take care of your suitcase, and the use time of the suitcase can be extended.

How to Fix a Stuck Handle in Your Rolling Bag?



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