How to keep your gear safe while camping?

When you take a large travel backpack to camp outdoors, you actually need to pay attention to your camping skills. Then when you are outdoors, safety always comes first. When you are outdoors, the safety of the camp is actually required. Make your own judgment and guarantee it.

How to keep your gear safe while camping?

1. Campsite selection
Another step to make camping tents as safe as possible is to choose a safe camping site. Try not to choose a very isolated campground. Those who like the real wilderness should choose a safe place to pitch a tent. Adjust the position of the tent so that when inside the tent, the door faces your most comfortable area.

Also consider that the camp is close to the village. If there is something urgent to ask the villagers for help, it is even more important when there is no firewood, vegetables, food, etc. Approaching the village is approaching the road, which facilitates the movement of the team.

2. Put valuables in the car
If you are not near the campground during the day, you can put your valuables in the car and then lock your car without being pried.

How to keep your gear safe while camping?

Because of remote camping, no one can walk a few miles, which really reduces the chance of someone wandering in the camp. However, if you are not in the campsite and someone does come to your campsite, then you don't want to attract them inside. At night, when you go to bed, follow the same rules: lock it in the car, then lock your car.

3. Meet nearby campers
The neighbors of the campsite can provide you with insights and help ensure your safety and property security.

4. Consider locking up large equipment with chains
If you think you have something to "walk" and it is not easy to put it back in a locked vehicle, you should consider using some kind of lock to secure it. Some suggestions are cable locks with alarms, which will sound an alarm if the cable is cut or tampered with.

The thieves are opportunistic and want to get in and out as quickly as possible. Padlocks can act as a deterrent. The bicycle should also be fixed. If possible, it might be worthwhile to relock them to the bike rack on the car.

When you go out, you can carry a slim backpack and carry some important gears with you.

5.Tripwire alarm
Tripwire alarms can add excellent security to your tent. These alarms are small, light and reasonably priced. In addition, the trip wire alarm is very loud and you will know if there is anything near the camp. Place the alarm near the tent for a safe camping experience.

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How to keep your gear safe while camping?



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