How to make yourself as comfortable as possible during the night at the airport? What equipment is needed?

You didn’t plan to sleep at the airport, but you have to sleep at the airport for some reasons. For example, if you don’t have transportation to go to the city and you don’t want to pay for a taxi, you just stay for a few hours and you don’t need to spend money to stay in a hotel. If the plane lands in the early morning and dare to take the high-speed train in the morning, or the plane lands in the early morning and continue to fly early in the morning.

sleeping overnight at airaport
At this time, because you are not prepared to bring a lot of equipment, you must master the following points if you want to sleep comfortably at the airport:

Streamline carry-on luggage
All luggage that can be checked in is checked in or stored in a luggage locker. This not only reduces the burden, but also avoids being caught by thieves while sleeping.

Prepare overnight items in advance
If you know in advance that you want to spend the night at the airport, or take a red-eye flight, it is possible to stay overnight, you can prepare some items in advance. Eye masks and earplugs help you fall asleep better; the airport temperature changes greatly, in order to prevent catching cold, a blanket or a thick coat is a must; in addition, there are power banks and toiletry bags that are added according to personal circumstances.

Prepare proof of identity and itinerary
It's best to print out the ticket information and itinerary and take it with you, because many airports do not support overnight stays. They even wonder why you don't go to a hotel or hotel like other people, and whether there is any bad purpose. At this time, you must present the printed ticket information and itinerary to fully prove the reason for your stay at the airport and ensure that you will not be driven out of the airport.

Looking for a waiting room with few people
Pay attention to the boarding information table. After boarding at a certain terminal, the waiting room will become very clean. You can take up a few rest seats and look for rest facilities. Some airports have foot baths or massage services. You can spend some money to go in and take a rest. In addition, some airports will also have special lounges that provide folding chairs or recliners, and even paid sleeping cabins or small rooms, which can be selected on demand.

Stay in a safe area
Pay attention to finding a location near the office of the security personnel, and choose to rest in an area with a camera, so that you can seek help in time if there is an emergency.

With these tips, I hope you can stay calm and comfortable next time you have to stay overnight at the airport. And Matein anti theft usb charging travel laptop backpack will be a good mate during this period.







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