How to Organize Your Messy Bag?

Do you always have a lot of large and small belongings in your black tote bag, and in order to find what you want from it, you often get messed up? Obviously, we never deliberately turn it into a disaster area, but the mess of old receipts, bills, change, lipstick, labels, and almost any other items you carry always tends to enter the bottom of your bag, making it impossible to truly find What you need.

How to Organize Your Messy Bag?

1. If you want to organize your bags, the first thing you need to do is to separate your non-essential items into categories. There are some small things that may seem like a waste of space but are really effective and can be placed in separate pouches or bag compartments, such as cosmetics, hair bands and chargers. Put important necessities, such as mobile phones, where you can easily reach them.

2. Put your coupons, receipts and gift cards in a labelled envelope.
The best way to keep all paper products (ie coupons, reward cards, receipts, gift cards, etc.) is to organize them in a specific place. You can choose to divide these paper products according to the nature of the products, so that you can find what you want more easily. Of course, this is also a way to organize your paper products at home.

3. Put the headset and charger into a separate Zip Pouch. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to untie the earphones and charging cable in the middle of an already overwhelmed bag. Store the headset and charging cable separately.

4. Put your bank card or other cards into the partitionable wallet. This saves you time and effort, because when you search for a specific card, you only need to look for the color or logo.

You don't need to put all the cards in the wallet, you can put some of the cards you need into a mint box. This makes it easier to take it out.

How to Organize Your Messy Bag?

5. If your necessities include books, you can take out your ipad or tablet to search for e-books to download. This way you won't have extra weight and mess in lady bags.

6. After returning every day, clean up unnecessary things in your bag, including any stray receipts, garbage or wrapping paper, and throw away, and sort out the change scattered in the bag. The most difficult part of having an organized wallet is keeping it this way. Do this every night and your bag will always be in order.

Some bags have only one main compartment. When there is no extra compartment, you can purchase a purse organizer insert. The Matein purse organizer insert is made of durable felt and can maintain its rectangular shape without feeling too much under your arm and stiff or boxy. The purse organizer bags can keep everything organized in your handbags or tote, preventing the inside from getting dirty.

How to Organize Your Messy Bag?



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