How to pack a tent into a backpack?

Whether you are going camping or hiking, you can go a long way with a heavy backpack. To make long-distance travel easier, you should know how to pack one of the heaviest items-a tent. The wrong way to pack your backpack can cause injuries and back sprains. Once you pack the tent correctly, you will find that your next outdoor experience will be more enjoyable.

How to pack a tent into a backpack

Choose a backpack with an inner frame. A backpack with an inner frame has more space than a backpack with an outer frame. This extra space makes it easier to pack the tent into the backpack.
Consider the size of the tent when choosing a backpack. Larger tents require big backpacks, and vice versa.
If you have already bought a backpack and worry that the tent is too big, buy a compression bag. These bags can help you pack the tent as tightly as possible.

Spread your tent flat on the ground to make a long strip. Put the poles of the tent in their bags and arrange the bags along one side of the tent, not in the middle. When you put the tent away, these pillars can help you support the tent.

Roll the tent. Make sure that the pole bag stays in line with its side. This will ensure that the tent is rolled up as straight as possible, and the pole bag will provide support and base for the tent.
After a few rolls, put the tent bolt bag in the same position. The goal here is to provide more support for the tent. Continue to roll up the tent.

How to pack a tent into a backpack

Open the tent bag and tuck the tent in. The middle column and hanging bag provide a central support to make this easier.
You should only pack when the tent is dry. Packing a wet tent is very difficult, and its weight is heavier, which makes walking with it much more difficult than walking with a dry tent.

Put heavier things on the bottom of the backpack and lighter things on the top. Hiking requires a lot of walking, so it’s important to pack only 30% of your body weight in your smart backpack. Lighter items should be placed on the top of the backpack, and heavier items should be placed below.

Put your tent in the middle of the backpack. Your sleeping bag should always be at the bottom of the backpack because it will be heavy and it will always be the last thing to take out of the bag. The tent should be placed directly above the sleeping bag, or as close as possible to the middle.

  • Put the tent in the middle so that the heaviest thing doesn't put too much pressure on your back.
  • Consider whether you want to pack the tent vertically or horizontally. When you need to take the tent out, placing it vertically allows you to access it more easily, while placing it horizontally allows you to pack other items on top of the tent more easily.

How to pack a tent into a backpack




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