How to pack travel toiletry bag?

Whether it's for short trips or long trips, it's important to organize your travel toiletry bag.The general principle is to be as light as possible, but to be practical.In order not to affect the mood of travel, follow me to do cosmetics in advance of the lessons.

How to pack travel toiletry bag

About the small sample and packing

When preparing a smart travel bag, choose a travel pack and a small or medium size sample if possible, or take a flachy sample for a trial run.For example, a 30ml vial of toner will last for seven or eight days. Carrying small and medium sizes can greatly reduce the weight of cosmetic bags.Keep an eye out for small savings in your daily life so they can come in handy when you travel.

What if the sample is not enough or there is no sample? We can exert our imagination and divide skin care products flexibly.Many brands have special bottles, pressing bottles, cans, toner pressing bottles, spray bottles. Pay attention not to choose too large capacity, the liquid is best controlled within 30ml, paste control within 20g. Lotions and creams can also be packaged in small contact lens boxes, and makeup remover can be replaced with wipes.Be careful not to use glass bottles to avoid collision damage during handling.

How to pack travel toiletry bag small sample

About contact lenses

For those of you who wear contact lenses, you can opt for a day cast while traveling.Day toss cycle is short, a day to throw, do not need to care liquid and small box, clean and sanitary also convenient.Remember to take more than one pair in case they fall off or break.There was a temporary night out. I didn't have my contact lens solution, so I went all over the world looking for a pharmacy to buy it. It was so awkward, but I found it.Since then, I've kept a pair of daily contact lenses in my bag to avoid this embarrassing situation.

Matters need attention

Checked luggage can cause bumps and scratches that damage the cosmetic case and connection shaft. If you're in love with expensive cosmetics, you can travel with cheaper brands that have lighter plastic shells and weigh less. Avoid metal and glass cosmetics.

Stock up on airtight bags to keep liquid skincare products that spill easily so they don't get dirty.Airtight bags can also be used as separate bags for small items of clothing that have not been washed dry, or as separate bags for food.

Perfumes, whether large or small, are not allowed on planes, high-speed trains or trains.Vacuum pressed spray bottles and mousse bottles are a safety hazard and should not be packed in suitcases either.It should also be noted that pressure spray cans such as antiperspirant spray and deodorant spray are generally not allowed to be carried.If have the demand of sweet atmosphere, can choose body perfume.

Don't need too many bottles, just hit the road and be happy!After all, a pleasant mood and a smile will be your best cosmetic during your trip.

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