How to secure a travel backpack?(III)

Let's continue the topic of how to secure your best travel backpack when travelling? (II)

Matein travel backpack

17.Maintaining a low voice conversation and don't reveal your personal information. During the trip, try to avoid calling someone's name in the hotel lobby, and then ask him the room no. he lives in. This is also the reason when the tour group arrives at the hotel and often asks the group members to stay in the car, the tour guide takes the key, and then returns to the car to send it.

18.Choosing friends carefully and calling for help in times of crisis. When you meet a stranger outside, can not tell him the hotel you live in and which room it is,even if you talk very speculatively. Don't think it's a pity to refuse a handsome guy to strike up a conversation, maybe he is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

19.Wearing simple and natural, avoiding carrying valuables. Dressing according to the habits of the locals as much as possible. Traveling abroad is not a beauty pageant. Don't dress up or show off money in case attracting the attention of criminals. Putting the camera into the carry on backpack immediately once finishing taking pictures each time. When taking transportation,take your backpack on front.

Matein travel backpack

20.Avoiding looking at the map on the street, easy to recruit robbers. When you travel to unfamiliar places, be sure to prepare a detailed map and figure out every road you plan to take before going out. Because the action of standing on the street, looking around, and then pulling out the map to look at the street name, is tantamount to telling the gangster that you are a good target.

21.Staying alert and avoiding unnecessary wandering. When playing outside, do not wander aimlessly and pointlessly. If you stay alert and alert at all times, the gangster will think that it is not easy to start, and will turn to look for other objects.

22.Don't look at the excitement, don't take advantage of it. There is no pie in the sky, there will only be traps in the sky. Don't participate in booing things, and don't take advantage of strangers. Don't forget this principle wherever you travel.

I hope everyone traveling alone with a large travel backpack can improve their self-protection awareness and travel safely!

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