How to Decorate a Backpack in Simple Steps?

Is your backpack the kind of ordinary? Does your family insist on "practical" things instead of the cool things you want? Here is a fun way to make your smart backpack more interesting and inexpensive .

How to Decorate a Backpack in Simple Steps?

1. Choose the part of the backpack you want to decorate.

2. Sketch your ideas. You can do it on paper, or you can use tailor’s chalk or similar marker to do it on the fabric, it will be washed off. (Before you draw the whole thing, test it in an inconspicuous place...)

3. Obtain embroidery supplies. Your design requires a few needles and a string of threads of different colors.

How to Decorate a Backpack in Simple Steps

4. If the fabric of the backpack can hold, you can use embroidery loops to tighten the fabric. Some large carry on backpack materials are too thick to be tightened with embroidery hoop. In this case, you have to pay attention to how strong each stitch is.

5. Use color fast embroidery thread to avoid problems after washing.

6. Determine the thickness of floss or yarn that best suits your project. Some stitches such as French knots work best with full 6-strand thread usually found in embroidery floss. The finer details require the use of fewer lines at a time to achieve the desired effect. The usual quantity is 2 shares, but you should use your own best judgment.

7. Start to sew either the dark colored thread or the innermost part of the design. Both methods have their own advantages. The dark thread can first prevent your light color from rubbing and maintaining repeatedly when stitching. The advantage of moving from the center is that it can be adjusted during exercise. (Starting from the outside will limit any changes you can make later.)

8. Tighten the fabric when sewing. Even the gentlest tugging on the embroidery thread will wrinkle the fabric and wrinkle the backpack, which looks strange when you are done.

How to Decorate a Backpack in Simple Steps

9. Knot each thread carefully so as not to fall apart.

10. Steam or iron the embroidery of the finished area to help smooth the area and prevent (or fix) any slight wrinkles.


  • When sewing, hold the fabric tightly to prevent wrinkles.
  • Choose the size of the needle according to the tightness and thickness of the fabric you want to stitch. The needles of denim are longer and heavier than those of thin cotton.
  • Be careful when sewing heavier fabrics. These needles will initially create resistance to passing through the heavy fabric, but once the needle point is over, the needle will slide quickly and sting the fingers of someone who is not careful.
  • These suggestions apply to any fabric, from backpacks to purses, purses, etc.
  • Use a thimble to push the needle through the thicker material.
  • Some samples for your inspiration...



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