How to Travel on the Cheap?

Many people are planning a backpacking trip that carry a large travel backpack to go where they want to go, without worrying about the destination and just looking at the scenery along the way. But a truly smart backpacker can not only see every scenery he wants to see, but also do the most things with the least amount of money. Experience this economical and luxurious backpacking journey.

If you are going to spend every penny of your regular budget, you must do the same when planning your vacation. The most important thing is: you can afford to travel. Everyone can afford cheap travel.

How to Travel on the Cheap?
1. Carry on backpack
Most low-cost tickets are sold by low-cost airlines, but airlines charge a large surcharge for all luggage. And, if it seems strange to leave a backpack or small suitcase for more than a few days at first, you will quickly realize that this might be the best option. Packing lightly can also save you from paying for additional checked baggage.
Therefore, when choosing stuffs, you can consider bringing those versatile things to reduce the space occupied by the carry on backpack.

2. Look for cheap hotels or free hotels
Do you have friends or family members who live where you want to go? Plan to travel to their city and ask to sleep on a sofa or spare bed. The best part of staying with people you know (except for free accommodation) is that you can learn more about this place and plan your trip better.

Even if you don’t know anyone in your destination, you can use the Internet to find a place to stay for free. Most people have heard of CouchSurfing, where you can find a free sofa, bed or sleeping space on the floor. Or you can just sleep in a tent. But women need to pay attention to safety.
How to Travel on the Cheap?

Plan your itinerary so that you can take advantage of free food and opportunities to meet new people. A hotel with a kitchen can also help you save money, because you can cook or pack lunch instead of eating alone. You can find youth hostels that include free laundry and Wi-Fi.

3. Walk or ride a bicycle
It may take longer to walk, but it is free, giving you more freedom to explore. You will find more about walking than from the back of Uber. Another slightly faster option is to borrow bikes from hotels or city bike sharing programs.

4. Find free things to do
You will need to pay for some essential attractions, but if you know where to look, there are many other free things to do. You can seek advice from hotels or other backpackers. Find out if local museums are open for free during certain times of the week. Find festivals, libraries and parks in the city. You can also go for free trekking or hiking.

5. Slow travel
The slower you move, the cheaper it becomes. During the journey, time is money. If you need to take a bus or train, but have more time to wander around, this means you don't need to pay more for express options.

How to Travel on the Cheap?

You can slow down means that you will appreciate your position: learn the language, become a frequent visitor in the utility room on the street, get acquainted with the tour guide, and the tour guide will invite you to his friends for a happy weekend.

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