I Almost Lost My Passport

As travel experiences go, a lost passport on holiday can be a real nightmare scenario. Not only will it disrupt your travel plans significantly, but it can also send you straight into a spiral of panic.

This summer, I went to Japan with my girlfriend. We had a great time in Japan and booked a hotel near the airport considering the early flight the next day. We woke up around 6 a.m. and then decided to take the subway to go to the airport. Our hotel was about a 3-minute walk from the subway station, so we thought we would just walk to the station.

I could literally see the subway station entrance from the hotel. Big mistake.

About halfway to the station, as we were walking, I heard my girl scream. My backpack had been opened. Some guy had stolen my purse from my Matein. We were very angry, then we just realized that my Matein backpack contained, you guessed it, my passport. And my girlfriend's passport as well. I think this was followed by a few minutes of panic. I tried to touch the hidden zipper pocket on back. Yes! It is our passports!

Thanks to my Matein backpack! It has a hidden retractable hook is designed near side pockets to lock the lockable zipper heads for theft-proof function. I am afraid of imaging what would happen if we lost our passport in a foreign country!




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